WC2015 – Day 5 Friday

itf-taekwondo-world-championship-2015-italyFriday is the third day of competition and scheduled as a half day, finishing at 1pm, as the ITF Congress begins at 3pm.

Only seniors today, the juniors have a rest day.  We have four competitors on today, one female; Katie in 1st Degree Pattern, and three of the men up in sparring.

1st Degree
Katie Humphries first round v USA win 5:0, second round v Germany defeated 1:1:3

David Gray -85 first round by, second round v Switzerland win 4:0, third round v Argentina defeated 0:2:2
Iain O’Hare -70 first round v Puerto Rico win after extra time 2:1:1, second round v Argentina defeated 1:3 after extra time
Gilles Brown -78 first round by, second round v Finland win 4:0, third round v Ukraine defeated 1:3

No medals as yet but no one can fault the courage and determination of the squad and the sportsmanship of Team Scotland is as always exemplary.

The afternoon many of the team choose to take a trip to Venice, with others staying at the hotel, resting up for tomorrows events, and running through a light training session

Another busy day for the coaches ahead tomorrow so early beds in preparation.