WC 2015 – Day 6 & 7

11295703_10153442577921414_4078048507893952900_nSaturday 30th May


Individual Sparring

Matthew O’Hare. -56 first round by, second round v Russia defeated 1:3
Gregor Towers -56 first round v New Zealand win 4:0, second round v Slovenia win 4:0, third round v Ireland defeated 0:4
Ellie Trinder -65 first round v Norway win surrender, second round v England defeated 0:4
Christina McGhee first round v Romania defeated 0:4
Katrina Carr -50 first round v Ireland win 4:0. Stopped for lunch at 1300. Back to resume at 3.30. Second round v Argentina win 4:0, third round v England win 4:0, fourth round v Kyrgyzstan win 4:0, final v Poland defeated 0:4. SILVER MEDALLIST

Team Pattern coached by Mr Boydell

Katrina Carr, Ellie Trinder, Danielle Gallacher, Jodie Boydell, Alex Marshall, reserve Danielle Simmers first round by, second round v Germany defeated 1:4

Team Scotland have stepped on to the medal table.

Last competition day tomorrow with senior ladies team power and team sparring. Senior males team sparring. Junior girls team sparring and team power.


Sunday 31st May

Team day

Senior Men’s Sparring
Gilles Brown, Alexander Gray, Iain O’Hare, David Gray, Chris Dickson,  v Puerto Rico round 1 defeated

Senior Ladies Sparring
Stephanie Willis, Rachel Morning, Katie Humphries, Caitlin McGhee, Megan Brown, reserve Alice Wilson v Finland  round 1 defeated

Junior Girls Sparring
Katrina Carr, Ellie Trinder, Danielle Gallacher, Christina McGhee, Erin Blair, reserve Danielle Simmers v Norway round 1 defeated

Senior Ladies Power
Stephanie Willis, Rachel Morning, Caitlin McGhee -9th place overall

Junior Girls Power
Katrina Carr, Christina McGhee, Ellie Trinder, reserve Danielle Gallacher -6th place overall

The 2015 World Championships has drawn to a close. Thank you to our hosts Italy.

Medal Tally
1 Silver

The courage and determination of each and every Scottish competitor was abundant during this tournament and fantastic sportsmanship and extended friendship shown on the mats and off was outstanding.

The Scotland coaches worked tirelessly every week for months leading up to the competition and each long day whilst here in Jesolo, Italy. The Scotland Team would like to express their sincere gratitude to Mr. Blair, Mr. Mcilvaney, Mr. Boydell, Mr Condie and Mr. McGhee.  Also Master Hutton for his support and encouragement during the tournament.

Thank you must also go to Mrs. Fiona Carr, for writing the end of day updates for the website / Facebook audience supporting from home.

Time now for a short recuperation break before preperation begins for the Euros in October in Glasgow.