WC2015 – Day 4 Thursday

itf-taekwondo-world-championship-2015-italyThursday is a busy day for the coaches. The area is buzzing with both pattern and sparring bouts in both junior and senior sections.



Junior 1st Degree Patterns

Matthew O’Hare first round v Bulgaria win 5:0, second round v Canada 3:1:1, third round v Romania defeated 0:1:3
Michael McRoberts first round v Italy win 5:0, second round v New Zealand defeated 2:3.

Strong confident performances from all our junior girls in their first Scotland International Competitions at this level. Valuable experience gained and they said they enjoyed their time on the mats.
Jodie Boydell first round v Italy defeated 0:5.
Elle Trinder first round v Russia defeated 1:4.
Danielle Gallacher first round v Argentina wi. 3:2, second round v Norway defeated 1:4


Individual Sparring
Alexander Gray -62 first round v Germany win, second round v Poland defeated 2:1:1.



Second degree patterns
Katrina Carr first round v England defeated 2:3

Individual Power
Katrina Carr broke side kick and turning kick 9 points, stubborn board for knifehand. Placed 5th from 30.


Individual Sparring
Stephanie Willis -68 first round v Italy defeated 1:1:2
Rachel Morning -68 first round v Germany defeated 1:1:2
Caitlin McGhee -62 first round v USA win 4:0, second round v Hungary defeated 3:1 after added extra time.
Megan Brown -62 first round v Italy defeated 1:3

All done for today. Time to head back to hotel for dinner.