ITFS Centre Referee Course Report

The second ITF Scotland Sparring Centre Referee Training Course was held on Saturday 15th April in Aberdeen ahead of the ITF Scotland National Championships in May. The purpose of this course is to help develop the next generation of centre referees as well as provide refresher training for those with experience. Presenting a separate course specifically for Sparring Centre Referee worked very well last year in improving the confidence of the participants to take on the role, which is often avoided, as well as keep others up to date with the current ITF procedures.

The course was presented by ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Members Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg and Mr John Munro V Deg. Both with over 20 years umpire experience and over 10 years at international level including ITF World Championships, World Cup and European Championships.

The presentation covered all aspects of the role including ring announcements, correct hand signals, ring awareness, injury time and general roles and responsibilities involved at the National Championships. Participants took part in various practical sessions in their groups to work on all tasks and received feedback and advise throughout these sessions.

ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Chairman, Master David McNairn VIII Deg will also be hosting an Online Umpire Refresher course on Sunday 7th May (12-3pm) for all umpires.

Umpire Refresher Course Login

Dear Members,

Please find below details of the Umpire Refresher course being held on Sunday 7th May (12:00 – 15:00) in advance of the ITF Scottish Championships.


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Meeting ID: 841 9779 7265
Passcode: UC2023

ITF Scotland Umpire Refresher Course – 7th May 2023

A complimentary Umpire Refresher Course is being held as follows, in advance of the National Championships.

Venue: Zoom Platform (Details via

Date: Sunday 7th May 2023

Time: 12:00 – 15:00 hours

ITF Scotland National Championships 2023

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May 2023

Dear Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors,

It is with great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the ITF Scottish Championships on 13th & 14th May 2023, according to the following schedule;

Saturday 13th May 

13 years & under

(Youth, Cadet & Pre-Junior)

Sunday 14th May

14 years & over

(Junior, Senior & Adv. Senior)

ASN Competitors

(All ages)

This competition is open to ITF Taekwon-Do students 10th Kup to 6th Degree. 

Please take the time to read the information in the attached document.  Entry forms, and pre-paid spectator entry forms are attached at the end of the information pack. 

Details of the Umpire Refresher Course and Centre Referee Training will be published in due course.

We look forward to seeing you and your students at the competition in May.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee


ITFS Centre Referee Course – 15th April 2022

2023 National Centre Referee Training

Venue: MWBA Aberdeen, AB11 9AA

Time: 10:00 – 14:00 hours

Cost: £35.00 payable on arrival (returnable on completion of a full day umpiring at the ITFS Championships.

Course Details:

Under the supervision of ITFS Umpire Committee Chairman MASTER MCNAIRN VIII Deg (International Umpire), the course will be expedited by Committee members SABUM JACQUI WALLACE IIV Deg (current International Centre Referee) & SABUM JOHN MUNRO V Deg (International Umpire). Both have a wide range of experience in controlling the skills and energies at the highest level in both Individual & Team Sparring.

This practical session aims to help find a new generation of sparring centre referees for ITF Scotland as well as refresher training for those with experience. It is a great opportunity to review current ITF rules and best practices in this role and attendees will be expected to use their training to help centre at the upcoming ITF Scotland Championships.

This will be a small group session for Degree holders only with numbers limited to 20 SPACES.

Book via the link below:

New Board Member

ITF Scotland Board of Directors would like to officially welcome to the board; Master Garry Shaw, 7th Degree. We would like to wish Master Shaw much success in his new role.

ITF Scotland National Team Selection Event for World Championships – Finland

Dear Grand Masters, Masters & Instructors,

The ITF World Championships will be held in Tampere, Finland from 4th-10th September 2023.

The ITF Scotland National Team Selection for the event will be by way of a selection tournament held as follows:

  • Date: Saturday 25th March 2023
  • Time: 9:00am start
  • Venue: Wishaw Sports Centre, Alexander Street, Wishaw, ML2 0HQ

Registration and further details can be accessed via:

Registration is now open. The closing date for entries is Sunday 19th March @ 23:59 hours.

Please note: coaches and umpires should also be registered via the link above.

ITF Scotland wish all athletes the best of luck at the selection event.

ITF Scotland 2023 AGM Report

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland was held on Sunday the 15th of January, at the Mercure Hotel, Perth.

The meeting was opened and attendees welcomed by the Chairman of ITF Scotland, Mr. Adam Paterson. After welcoming the members of ITF Scotland to the meeting, Mr Paterson then highlighted some key events that had happened over the course of the past year, since the election of the newly formed ITF Scotland Board. One notable event that was highlighted was the promotion to Grand Master for Gordon Wallace. ITF Scotland once again would like to congratulate Grand Master Wallace on his promotion to IX Degree.

Mr Paterson also informed the membership that the Board of Directors had appointed Mrs Lorna Singleton as Chair of the Tournament committee and Master David McNairn as Chair of the Umpire Committee, both pending acceptance from the individuals.

Following on from Mr Paterson, the Secretary General, Mrs. McIlvaney, spoke further and gave a full report of the promotions , national and international events for 2022 and outlined some of ITFS plans for the coming years.

Mrs Jacqui Wallace, ITFS Treasurer gave an outline of the financial report for 2021/2022 and an analysis on the past 12 months income and expenditure. It was noted that these accounts were of those responsible to the former ITFS Treasurer, before the election of Mrs Wallace in 2022.

Miss Brown, the director responsible for ITF Scotlands PVGs, advised of the number of new applicants in 2022 and that as part of her new role she would be proactive in ensuring instructors are up to date with current disclosure procedures.

After the reports had been approved by the membership, the ITF Scotland Board introduced a draft proposal for a change to the National Team Coaching Structure. Mr Paterson outlined some of the key points and members were issued with copies to take away with them. The ITFS Board welcome feedback on the document.

Currently, there is a vacant position on the ITFS Board of Directors. This position was advertised in advance of the AGM and no valid applications where received before the application deadline. The position has been opened back up for applications with the deadline being the 13th of February 2023.

The ITFS Board of Directors informed the membership that they would call an EGM in the coming months to vote on the National Team Coaching Structure and the Vacant Board position.

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the AGM, and look forward to seeing all at the upcoming EGM.

Report: Mr E Donnelly

ITF Scotland Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Grand Masters, Masters & Instructors,

The ITFS Board of Directors passed a resolution at a board meeting on 29th January 2023, to call an Extraordinary General Meeting according to article 24.2 of the International Taekwon-do Federation (Scotland) Limited Articles of Association 2022_rev0.

Date of EGM: Sunday 5th March @ 6pm

Venue: Digital Platform Zoom

A full agenda will be sent to all ITFS members in the next few days via email from the Secretary General.

ITFS Board Member Recruitment

Dear Grand Masters, Masters & Instructors,

ITF Scotland Board of Directors welcome applications for the following vacant position on the board:

  • Board Member (Term 2023-2026)

Those members who are interested in applying for the position should submit the attached paperwork, alongside a covering letter/CV on or before the closing date of 13th February 2023.

All applications should be sent to