ITFS Masters Seminar & Black Tie Dinner

ITF Scotland is delighted to announce a brand-new event to the calendar for 2023 with the introduction of a Masters Seminar and Black-Tie Dinner which is being held on Saturday 7th October in Dunblane.

Following the promotion of Grandmaster Wallace to IX Degree last year, it seemed the perfect time to host this special event and the first of its kind. We hope that you and your students will join us in celebrating this fantastic milestone, as well as the many achievements which have been made throughout Scotland.

Although the Seminar is for Blackbelts only, the Black-Tie Dinner is open to everyone over twelve years old. The Seminar will be free of charge to all ITF Scotland Blackbelt members who will also be attending the evening event.

We are delighted to announce that Grandmaster Wallace IX will be hosting part of the seminar along with several of ITF Scotland’s Masters and are very grateful to them for providing this opportunity to you all. This will be hosted in the Dunblane Centre, Dunblane from 1-4pm.

Following the seminar, the Black-Tie Dinner and after party will be held in the Dunblane Hydro from 7pm-12am. This will be the perfect chance to get dressed up and enjoy a great evening along with fellow Instructors, students, friends, and family with a variety of award presentations, a three-course dinner and after party/disco.

An opportunity not to be missed!

Tickets can be purchased via the following link: Click Here.

Any members of ITF Scotland Allied Association, ITF England, ITF Wales (and their AA’s) who wish to attend, please get in touch – E-mail us

GM Bos Master Class

TKD Events has extended an invitation to all ITF Scotland members to attend a Master class led by GM Wim Bos 9th Degree (Italy).

This event will be held on Sunday 20th August 2023 @ Wishaw sports centre. The seminar will run from 10am-1pm.

For futher information please contact the organisers directly:

Adapted Committee Chair Appointment

ITFS Board of Directors, at a meeting of the board on 27th july 2023, intorduced a brand new committee, and appointed its chair as Master John McIlvaney for the term 2023/24

We would like to wish him all the very best of success in his new role going forward.

At this time those members of ITF Scotland, who wish to be considered for a position on the adapted committee are asked to contact Master McIlvaney directly, or the secretary general with their note of interest and a short resume for consideration, on or before 10th September 2023

ITF Scotland Masters Seminar & Black Tie Dinner

Saturday 7th October

ITF Scotland Masters Seminar

Learn from the years of experience of our Grand Master and Masters from all across the country.

Black Tie Dinner

Bringing ITF Scotlands members together to celebrate achievements of our organisation and our members over the past year.

This event is not to be missed and will sell out!

More details to follow…



ITF Scotland – Umpire Course Report

On 7 April 2023, an Umpire Refresher Course was held for ITF Scotland, via Zoom in preparation for the Scottish Championships the following week.

The course was well attended, with 50 plus in attendance via video link, and hosted by the current ITFS Umpire committee comprising of:

  • Master David McNairn VIII Deg

  • Mr John Munro V Deg

  • Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg

    Master McNairn presented the main part of the course with Mrs Wallace covering the patterns section and Mr Munro covering Power Test and Special Technique. All aspects of officiating were included in the course –

  • Jury president duties

  • Corner referees

  • Sparring scoring

  • Patterns judging and scoring

  • Procedures for opening / closing the ring

  • Power Test & Special Technique judging

  • Jury member duties / ring management

    The presentation also gave an overview of some of the rules issued by the Tournament Committee specific to the Scottish Championships. Umpires were also reminded of the importance in reading the rules prior to attending.

    A separate centre referee course was provided on 15th April in Aberdeen, hosted by Mrs Wallace and Mr Munro as it was felt that this required more practical training.

    Due to the popularity of the course, the Umpire Committee intend to present further similar courses via zoom in the future as well as a full practical course proposed for early in 2024. We hope to inspire the next generation of Blackbelts to become as enthusiastic as we all are in helping raise the standard of umpiring, as this is essential to the future of competition.

– ITFS Umpire Committee

National Team Manager Appointment

Dear Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors,

ITF Scotland Board of Directors would like to announce the appointment of Mr. Mark Boydell V Degree to the role of National Team Manager for the term 2023 – 2025. 

We wish him every success in his new role

Thank You! – National Team Coaches

The ITF Scotland Board of Directors and their membership would like to thank Master Heath Denholm VII Degree, Master John McIlvaney VII Degree and Mr. John Munro V Degree for their hard work and commitment to the National Team over their respective tenures, as they step down after the conclusion of their most recent appointments.

All three gentlemen have been involved in various respects with the National Team for a number of years, having coached and mentored national team members to winning European & World medals for the best part of 20 years.

Master Heath Denholm, a former national team member himself, and European & World Medallist, has represented ITFS as National Team Coach for many years (since 2003), and more recently served in the role of National Team Director.

Master John McIlvaney, again a former national team member and European Medallist, has served as both Coach and Manager to the National Team since 2003, predominately organising the logistics of the various campaigns over the years.

Mr. John Munro, in recent years was coach of Special Technique and Power Test, having coached the team to success in these disciplines.

ITF Scotland would like to express our gratitude to all three gentlemen for their time dedicated to the National Team and its development and wish them the very best for the future.

ITFS Centre Referee Course Report

The second ITF Scotland Sparring Centre Referee Training Course was held on Saturday 15th April in Aberdeen ahead of the ITF Scotland National Championships in May. The purpose of this course is to help develop the next generation of centre referees as well as provide refresher training for those with experience. Presenting a separate course specifically for Sparring Centre Referee worked very well last year in improving the confidence of the participants to take on the role, which is often avoided, as well as keep others up to date with the current ITF procedures.

The course was presented by ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Members Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg and Mr John Munro V Deg. Both with over 20 years umpire experience and over 10 years at international level including ITF World Championships, World Cup and European Championships.

The presentation covered all aspects of the role including ring announcements, correct hand signals, ring awareness, injury time and general roles and responsibilities involved at the National Championships. Participants took part in various practical sessions in their groups to work on all tasks and received feedback and advise throughout these sessions.

ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Chairman, Master David McNairn VIII Deg will also be hosting an Online Umpire Refresher course on Sunday 7th May (12-3pm) for all umpires.

Umpire Refresher Course Login

Dear Members,

Please find below details of the Umpire Refresher course being held on Sunday 7th May (12:00 – 15:00) in advance of the ITF Scottish Championships.


Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 841 9779 7265
Passcode: UC2023

ITF Scotland Umpire Refresher Course – 7th May 2023

A complimentary Umpire Refresher Course is being held as follows, in advance of the National Championships.

Venue: Zoom Platform (Details via

Date: Sunday 7th May 2023

Time: 12:00 – 15:00 hours