National Team head to Worlds

The Scottish National Team have set off to the ITF World Championships today, all landing safely in Munich, before a short journey to Inzell. It looks to be a busy week from the off tomorrow with weigh-in 11:43hrs local time, and the event getting under way on Wednesday.

We’d like to wish everyone the very best of luck over the course of the week, and look forward to following the teams progress via our social media pages (internet dependent), as well as the livestreams.

Junior Female Team:

  • Jodie Boydell
  • Kayleigh Mankin
  • Brooke Muirhead
  • Jemma Swinburne
  • Lara Torrance
  • Hannah McIntyre
  • Elise Mullen
  • Iona Philip

Junior Male Team:

  • Rico Campins
  • Leon Carlaw
  • Blair Chisholm
  • Ian Ford
  • Declan McAvoy
  • Hayden McAvoy
  • Zacharia Obike
  • Chullain Doan
  • Owen Garden
  • Jack Shaw
  • Matthew Irvine
  • Robbie Sheppard
  • Connor Stuart

Senior Female Team:

  • Katrina Carr
  • Megan Brown
  • Catriona McRoberts

Senior Male Team:

  • Gilles Brown
  • Alexander Gray
  • Jack Lobban
  • Michael McRoberts
  • Iain O’Hare


  • Master Robin Blair
  • Master Heath Denholm
  • Master Mark Hutton
  • Mr. Mark Boydell
  • Mr. David Condie
  • Miss. Julia Cross
  • Mr. Michael Leask
  • Mr. John McIlvaney
  • Mr. Paul Mullen
  • Mr. John Munro
  • Mr. Christopher Sheppard
  • Mr. Jamie Swinburne


  • Master Gordon Wallace
  • Master David McNairn
  • Mrs. Jacqui Wallace
  • Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst
  • Helene Hewitt (IT Assistant)


  • Grand Master Thomas MacCallum
  • Mrs. MacCallum
  • Mr. Adam Paterson

Livestream links will be posted on the ITFS Facebook page. Keep an eye out for details.