Getting a Kick with Zoom

On Saturday 27th June, the third instalment of ITF Scotland’s Zoom sessions was lead by Mr. Ross Penman IV Degree. The focus of the session was Kicking Development.

After a warm up to loosen everyone during which Mr. Penman explained the importance of doing dynamic stretching for the warm-up compared to static stretching.

The session was once again split in to three distinct sections, with participants initially being led through a number of kicking development drills, with the focus being how to train your kicking by strengthening the muscles, flexibility and balance. That then led into concentrating on technical kicking for patterns. And the final section being dynamic kicking for sparring drills and pad work.

To round off the hour long session, all 50 plus participants were led through some static stretches focusing on hips, glutes and splits.

ITF Scotland would like to thank Mr. Penman for leading the weekend’s session.