2016 European Success!

13151442_10154254027336414_4660806246885475873_nThe 31st Senior & 22nd Junior European Taekwon-Do Championships 2016 was held in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, Tampere, Finland; from April 28 – May 1, 2016. In total, 495 competitors from 28 countries participated in the championships.

From Scotland 22 participants competed across all events.

Senior Female

Megan Brown – 1st Degree

Rachel Morning – 2nd Degree

Stephanie Willis – 3rd Degree


Senior Male

Gilles Brown – 2nd Degree

Alexander Gray – 3rd Degree

David Gray – 2nd Degree

Michael McRoberts – 1st Degree

Iain O’Hare – 2nd Degree


Junior Female

Jodie Boydell – 1st Degree

Amber Campbell – 1st Degree

Katrina Carr – 2nd Degree

Dannielle Gallacher – 1st Degree

Alex Marshall – 1st Degree

Kloe McKay – 1st Degree

Catriona McRoberts – 1st Degree

Chiara Mullen – 1st Degree


Junior Male

Rico Campins – 1st Degree

James Craik – 1st Degree

Jay Jervis – 1st Degree

Stewart Mellon – 2nd Degree

Rhys Muirhead – 1st Degree

Matthew O’Hare – 1st Degree


Coaches & Management

Master Jamie Campins – 7th Degree – Team Director / Coach

Mr. John McIlvaney – 6th Degree – Team Manager / Coach

Mr. Robin Blair – 6th Degree – National Coach

Mr. Mark Boydell – 5th Degree – National Coach

Master Mark Hutton – 7th Degree

Mr. Heath Denholm – 6th Degree



Master Gordon Wallace – 8th Degree

Master Alexander Dunbar – 7th Degree

Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst – 4th Degree


The team departed Edinburgh on Tuesday morning, travelling to Tampere, via Stockholm,  Arriving in Tampere in the evening, meant once the team had checked in to their rooms, there was just enough time for some dinner, and a short team meeting before heading off to bed after a long days travelling.

Wednesday saw the team weigh-in early in the morning, with all competitors making their respective weights.  In the afternoon we headed off to training, in an underground Nuclear Bunker of all places.  The matted area was ideal giving everyone plenty of space to practise their disciplines.  With focus on the team patterns and individual patterns as these events would be contested on the first day of competition.  Days two & three being sparring, special technique and power events.  And Sunday being team events with the exception of Team Pattern.

Throughout the four day event all the national team members performed well, showing great sportsmanship, camaraderie and unity.  As always our competitors performed to the best of their ability.  Good performance’s all round.

A special mention also to Miss Katrina Carr becoming 4 times European Champion in the Junior Sparring, in her last competition before moving into the senior category.

Overall Scotland took home 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze medals coming 11th in the overall country placings.


GOLD – Katrina Carr (Junior Individual Sparring – 50kg)

SILVER – Junior Female Power Team (Katrina Carr, Alex Marshall, Kloe McKay)

BRONZE – Junior Female Pattern Team (Katrina Carr, Alex Marshall, Jodie Boydell, Dannielle Gallagher & Catriona McRoberts)

Katrina Carr (Junior Female 2nd Degree Pattern)

Dannielle Gallagher (Junior Female 1st Degree Pattern)

David Gray (Senior Male Sparring -85kg)

Michael McRoberts (Senior Male 1st Degree Pattern)

Michael McRoberts (Senior Male Sparring -63kg)



Report compiled by Master Campins – Team Director



Link to the Full Competition Results



A full report of the event can be viewed on the AETF web site