ITF Scotland advice on Coronavirus / COVID-19

In light on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak within Scotland, ITF Scotland recognises that the situation is continually evolving, and we are monitoring the advice from the UK government.  

Our advice to our membership as of 15th March 2020, is for instructors to keep themselves fully up to date with all advice on how to halt the spread of the virus.  And be pro-active in use of these methods within their gyms.

Cleanliness and personal hygiene on hand washing and containing coughs and sneezes are particularly important.  There is clear guidance on preventing spread on the UK government website noted below.

At this point the government advice does not extend to restricting activity of classes, or events.  Therefore, we advise that instructors should continue with their classes as normal noting the following advice;

  • Facilities, surfaces and equipment should be cleaned regularly.  Instruct students to ensure their own sparring equipment is also cleaned.
  • Instructors should be proactive and encourage hand washing before and after class.  And encourage coughing and sneezing control (e.g. sneezing into elbow, not hands).
  • Any members displaying flu like symptoms should stop attending class for a minimum of 7 days and inform their instructor accordingly.
  • It is up to instructors as to whether they wish to restrict physical contact such as hand shaking.
  • Instructors may wish to omit ho sin sul training during the epidemic as this discipline involves the closest physical contact.

Should you be organising an event and have any concerns regarding coronavirus and whether the event should go ahead you should contact your local public health team at your local council.  At this moment there is no directive from the UK government to cancel events.  This decision has to be made by the event organizer based on risk and local circumstance. 

UK Government Statement & Updates regarding coronavirus can be found here:

Find out more about the virus and measure you should take to protect yourself here:

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus (


  • Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • Always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
  • Try to avoid contact with people who are unwell

Do not

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

New Group Affiliation – Northern Taekwon-Do Academies

ITF Scotland Board of Directors would like to welcome the following instructors and schools who have affiliated to ITF Scotland as a new regional group Northern Taekwon-Do Academies (NTA):

  • Master Wallace Blackbelt Academy (Instructor: Master Gordon Wallace – VIII Degree)
  • Boydell Blackbelt Academies (Instructor: Mr. Mark Boydell – V Degree)
  • DC Taekwon-Do (Instructor: Mr. Dylan Craig – II Degree)
  • Alba Blackbelt Academies (Instructor: Miss. Sarah Angus – II Degree)

National Squad Training’s Cancelled

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, the National Coaching Team have taken the decision to cancel the upcoming squad training sessions as a precautionary measure, with safety everyone’s number one priority.

As the 2020 European Championships have also been cancelled, we will look to re-schedule future trainings around any potential revised tournament date.

We trust everyone understands the decision being taken at this time.

Best regards 

ITF Scotland National Coaching Team


The 2020 edition of the ITF Scotland National Championships were held over the weekend of 29th February – 1st March, at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell.  As in previous years the two-day event started with the Pre-Junior competition for up to 13 years on Saturday, and Juniors, Seniors and Advanced Seniors, as well as competitors with Additional Support Need’s competing on Sunday.

This year’s championships once again saw an administrative collaboration between the National Association; ITF Scotland, and Allied Association; TKDSL. With Master Gordon Wallace 8thDegree and Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney 5thDegree administrating the event via Sportdata Event Technology (SET) software, alongside support during the championships from Mr. John McIlvaney 6th Degree, in arena management and Master Alexander Dunbar 8th Degree who was charged with overseeing the umpires throughout the course of the competition.

In advance of this year’s event, we held a national umpire course three weeks earlier, in preparation for the umpires to become familiar with the SET software. The course was the first step in continuously training and developing our National Umpires to the highest level, parallel with the ITF.  This course has a great impact on the event, with all schools taking part putting forward umpires for the competition, allowing larger ring councils on the day, which in turn meant more hands-on experience for the umpires with the SET technology. 

We also would like to acknowledge the participation as Jury Presidents of Master David McNairn VII and Master Heath Denholm VII.

Once again registrations were handled by Sportdata Event Technology (SET) to align ITF Scotland with mainstream ITF tournament administration.  And for the first time as an organisation we had six (6) fully electronic rings set up, with an additional three (3) for special technique on day one of the competition.  This allowed for a streamlined, professional and high-quality event to be delivered.  This would not have been possible without the previous investment in both the technology, and the time given by the team of IT professionals who have continuously worked in the background over the past few years to evolve our national event to its current standard; Mr. Chris Forbes I Degree, Mr. Craig Rennie I Degree, both of whom were present over the course of the weekend to oversee the IT.

The competition itself drew 570 competitors from 42 schools across Scotland from both the NA and AA, including 4 schools from the north of England, and 2 schools from Wales also making the journey to take part.  

Registration commenced on Friday evening with many competitors taking the opportunity to register early, allowing for any small corrections to categories to be made.  On the morning of the competition the registration was completed for those who were unable to make it the previous evening.  

Saturday started with an official welcome and opening from Mr. Adam Paterson IV Degree; Chairman of ITF Scotland.  The umpires presented the first day’s participants with participation medals, before the tournament started at 09:30 with Patterns for under sevens and Special technique for the 11-13s and as each category passed all age groups and grades swapped events until all categories finished with sparring on schedule at 16:45.

On completion of the events, the organising team deconstructed and reformed the arena ready for Day Two, with four (4) full sized competition squares, two (2) special technique rings, and a power area.

Sunday started at 09:00 with Junior Patterns, Advanced Senior Power Test, Senior Special Technique and our brilliant Additional Support Needs Students. Our ASN’s were directed on the mat by Senior Umpire Mr John Munro V and Jury President Mr John McIlvaney VI. The ring council comprised of umpires who have experience are running their own ASN classes, for some of whom their students were taking part in the categories.  We were also privileged to have a guest of honour in Mr. Dave Rhoney, a board member from Disability Sport Scotland, there to oversee the ASN events and present medals to the winners of these categories.  Mr. Rhoney was encouraged by the courage and perseverance of the competitors and commented on the standard of the event, that pathway of inclusion for these athletes was of the highest level. 

First Honourable Grand Master Thomas MacCallum IX Degree was also present, as guest of honour throughout Sunday’s competition.

The morning passed with all Patterns, and most of the Power and Special Technique completed, before a lunch break and the rings being readied for Sparring competition. Throughout the afternoon a fantastic spectacle of high energy sparring was given, especially from the Junior Black divisions which were very well represented, with all contenders clearly there to win.  This year our national championships was a ranking event for all black belt divisions, and as such we included four new “open weight” sparring events, for 14-17 M & F, and 18+ M & F respectively, in order to provide extra mat time for these competitors in preparation for the up-coming European Championships in April.  The 2020 ITF Scotland Championships closed just before 5pm with some spectacular sparring in each of these categories.

ITF Scotland and TKDSL would like to thank all competitors, coaches, umpires and supporters for a memorable championship in such a highly competitive manner but with such good sportsmanship, courtesy and friendship among everyone.

Additionally, we would like to thank our photographer for the event, Mr. Bill Irvine for giving up his time over the course of the weekend.  And express our thanks to both Ms Malgorzata Rogaczewska (Polish Taekwon-Do Association) and Mr. Grzegorz Ozimek (Top Ten Sport Poland) in helping us with replacement medals for the event at such short notice.

Top Clubs List

  1. GMAC Martial Arts
  2. Boydell Blackbelt Academies
  3. Braveheart Martial Arts

Overall Competitors

7 years & under Female:Ava McVeyMaster Hutton Fitness2 Gold, 1 Silver
7 years & under Male:Ethan MasseyGMAC Martial Arts2 Gold, 1 Silver
8 – 10 years Female:Madison CroallDunbar Blackbelt Academy3 Gold
8 – 10 years Male:Ethan DickieDavid McNairn Blackbelt Academy3 Gold
11 – 13 years Female:Neve OrrickHwa-Rang3 Gold
11 – 13 years Male:Gavin ShawBoydell TKD4 Gold
14 – 17 years Female:Lara Torrance Braveheart Martial Arts3 Gold, 1 Silver
14 – 17 years Male:Jack ShawBoydell TKD2 Gold, 1 Silver
18 – 35 years Female:Katie HumphriesMaster Wallace Blackbelt Academy4 Gold, 1 Bronze
18 – 35 years Male:Zach Obike Erskine TKD2 Gold, 2 Silver
36 years & over Female:Rebecca DoanBoydell TKD3 Gold
36 years & over Male:Bill Chilton Aberdeenshire Blackbelt Clubs2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
ASN 13 years & under:Lennon McAvoyGMAC Martial Arts 2 Gold
ASN 14 years & over:Bradley McKenzieGMAC Martial Arts 2 Gold

Full results can be found here.

Photos from the event can be found here:

Day 1 –

Day 2 –


New Umpire & SET Training Course Initiative Success

Saturday 8th February saw the first step in a new umpire initiative from ITF Scotland of “One Team – One Goal” with a brand-new series of courses being introduced in Scotland to continuously train and develop our National Umpires.  Prior to the course, all participants received a copy to the 2020 ITFS Championships Umpire Reference Manual.

The course was presented by Master Gordon Wallace, 8th Degree and Master Alexander Dunbar 8th Degree, with the event being held at the Craigwillow Centre, Livingston, West Lothian.  It is the plan of this training that the course(s), plus future umpiring participation will be rewarded a C Class accreditation which will be the start of a pathway of excellence for those who wish to aspire to a B or C Class ITF umpire accredited status.

Seventy (70) participants were in attendance and were privileged to have in joining them many current international umpires, namely: Master David McNairn VII (Scotland), Master Anthony McKenna VII (England), Mr. John Munro V (Scotland), Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst IV (Scotland) and Mrs. Jacqui Wallace IV (Scotland) who were happy to impart their past experiences to the participants.  

The morning started off with a “brief” presentation by Master Wallace, of the Sport Event Technology (SET) Software, which has been used in conjunction with the ITF Scoring systems at a number of Scottish competitions over the past few years and will now become the benchmark standard for all future National Championships and some Regional Events.  This ensures our umpire pathway of excellence mirrors the ITF standard as closely as possible.  Step One in this path was to get as many participants fully familiar with using the controllers to actively record scores and manage the duties of what would be the SET Controller.  It is the goal to have the SET controller an integral part of the ring council during the rotation of any particular category in progress.

Previous investments allowed the course participants practical access to five (5) electronic scoring systems that were all data linked to create a “mini-tournament” format which allowed each ring council to identify and access the categories that would be expedited on their respective rings.

The seventy (70) participants were managed in ten (10) ring councils of seven (7) with two (2) councils per ring. One ring council would manage the scoring and the other provide the performances to be judged.  Each category had 8 athletes entered making 7 matches.  This allowed the SET controller to manage a full category at a time and the scoring umpires’ continuity in the scoring and command process.  Patterns were shortened to allow a quick turnaround of duties and responsibilities.

The fine pattern observation detail was not a main factor of the weekend course, but rather get umpires familiar with the due process of managing the software and controlling the athletes.  The fine detail in pattern performance and scoring will be the subject of Course Two (2) that will be held later in the year.

After a short tea & coffee break, everyone came together again to ask questions, gain clarification from both Master Wallace and Master Dunbar on aspects of the Pattern competition and application of coloured-belt (level 1) scoring.  The groups then broke off for the last time in pattern to practise the level 1,2 & 3 scoring which will be used for all future Junior, Senior and Advanced Senior black belt categories.  

The course moved on to the sparring competition in the afternoon, starting with a presentation to the group of the SET controller procedures in sparring mode.  Master Wallace gave the floor away to Master Dunbar to continue with sparring operations assisted by Mrs Jacqui Wallace demonstrating the centre referees duties and responsibilities and the critical interaction between match activities and the SET controller.

Master Dunbar continued to lead the group through the correct hand signals and procedures, as well as timeframes in which warnings and fouls should be issued.  The principles of scoring were addressed in addition to the non -specified anomalies that can happen during a match and the implications they have on when a warning or foul should be applied or a point added or retracted.

The groups broke then out into their rings to work their way through their selected categories.

Stage two in sparring was about extending the match through an extra round plus determining the final match winner through first point.  Master Wallace gave the final presentation of the day on how the SET controller manages this aspect of the scoring panel and Master Dunbar gave invaluable practical advice at this stage of the match that concerned the Centre Referee and Corners Umpires.

The participants again took on each role in turn, with many seizing the opportunity for some mischievous sparring & coaching tactics, that the centre referees were able convert into practising controlling match energies and behaviours not just inside the mat area.

The course ended with some questions and clarification points from the participants on the ITF rules, as well as the new ITFS competition rules in place for the 2020 championships. 

The course stopped at 16:30 to allow time for the official photo, and some closing words from both Master’s Wallace and Dunbar, and a footnote from Master McKenna, President of ITF England who travelled from Newcastle to take part.  

We could not close this account without mentioning another special thanks to the IT team of Chris Forbes I, Craig Rennie I, who everyone know now and Peter Hepburn I for the serious investment of their time and in some instances hardware, that allowed the development of the SET systems to be implemented to the level it has been in such a short space of time for the benefit of all the Scottish athletes, coaches and umpires.

Mrs. McIlvaney, on behalf of ITF Scotland and the participants, thanked both Masters for the time they had taken in preparing and delivering the course to such a high standard. ITFS Scotland look forward to seeing all our course participants applying the procedures and processes in real time and will get the opportunity very soon at the 2020 ITFS Championships 29thFebruary / 1st March at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell, Scotland.

Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm.  

One Team, One Goal


MasterDavidMcNairn7th DegreeMontrose
MasterAnthonyMcKenna7th DegreeNewcastle
MasterHeathDenholm7th DegreeWMA
Mr.AndrewChesworth6th DegreeChesworth Taekwon-Do Scotland
Mr.NikPurves6th DegreeNP Taekwon-Do Academy (TAS)
Mr.John Munro5th DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.Kieran McGowan5th DegreeMcGowan’s Blackbelt Academy
Mrs.KerrisDickson4th DegreeIntegrity Martial Arts
Mr.ChristopherDickson4th DegreeIntegrity Martial Arts
Ms.JanetMacDonald4th DegreeInverness
Mr. ScottMorris4th DegreeMorris TKD
Mr.AlastairSmith4th DegreeScotia
Mr.RonnieDewhurst4th DegreePro-Edge
Mr. AndrewMcQuade4th DegreeHowden TKD
Mr.AndyO’Hare3rd DegreeAlness
Mr. JasonMunro3rd DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.RoddyMcLeod3rd DegreeInverness
Mr.ColinMcRoberts3rd DegreeSouth Queensferry TKD
Miss.MelissaBrown2nd DegreeBraveheart Martial Arts
Mr.CalumMcNeill2nd DegreeBuckie
Mrs.LornaSingleton2nd DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Miss.LornaFerguson2nd DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.GeorgeRussell2nd DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.RowanNilseen2nd DegreeInverness
Miss.AnnieMorrison2nd DegreeInverness
Mr.JasonCarroll2nd DegreeLeith
Mrs.BarbaraHarding2nd DegreeScotia
Miss.EilidhMorisetti2nd DegreeSouth Queensferry TKD
Mr.BrianBurns2nd DegreeSouth Queensferry TKD
Mr. Ethan Donnelly2nd DegreeGlasgow East
Mr.AidanTimoney2nd DegreeGlasgow East
Mr.AndrewKnox2nd DegreeGlasgow East
 JackShaw1st DegreeBoydell Blackbelt Academy
 JoeBurns1st DegreeBoydell Blackbelt Academy
Mr.CallanTaylor1st DegreeBuckie
Mr. LaurenMcCreadie1st DegreeChesworth Taekwon-Do Scotland
Mr.KevinForgie1st DegreeChesworth Taekwon-Do Scotland
Mr.LiamMcQueen1st DegreeChimera Martial Arts
Mr.Declan Laird1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.Declan McAvoy1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Miss.DesAthanasiadou1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Miss.JaimieSingleton1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Miss.Donatella Fargnoli1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.RyanPark1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.ScottCrooks1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.HaydenMcAvoy1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Miss.ArianaMcCarthy1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.RossKellachan1st DegreeGMAC Martial Arts
Mr. John Melrose1st DegreeIntegrity Martial Arts
Mr. JeromeChevet1st DegreeInverness
Mr. JamesWeston1st DegreeMcGowan’s Blackbelt Academy
Miss.Elidih Cowan1st DegreeMcGowan’s Blackbelt Academy
Mr.CampbellOag1st DegreeMWBA
Mr. CallumHarvey1st DegreeMWBA
Mr.CaydenLeitch1st DegreeMWBA
Mr.BrandonMartin1st DegreeMWBA
Mr.MatthewIrvine1st DegreeMWBA
Mr.BenJamieson1st DegreeMWBA
Mr.DarrylCox1st DegreeMWBA
Ms.TraceyWaddell1st DegreeScotia
Mr.HollieWaddell1st DegreeScotia
Mr.DavidFinch1st DegreeArbroath
Mr. JackWalker1st DegreeI-Kick Martial Arts
Mr.DylanGardiner1st KupBoydell Blackbelt Academy
Mr.TaylorSteven1st KupChimera Martial Arts
Mr.ChristopherBoyle1st KupMcGowan’s Blackbelt Academy
Mr.GaryMacKintosh2nd KupForres
Miss.StephaniePeden2nd KupGMAC Martial Arts
Mr.JamieKettyles2nd KupSMAC
Mr.RossChatham2nd KupI-Kick Martial Arts

A full gallery of images from the course can be found on our Facebook Page here.

National Team Coaching Appointments 2020/2021

We are pleased to announce ITF Scotland’s National Team Coaching appointments for 2020 / 2021.

Congratulations to all, and we wish you all success in your new posts!

Team Management:  
Master Heath Denholm VII Degree – Team Management
Mr. John McIlvaney VI Degree – Team Management

National Coaches:
Mr. Mark Boydell V Degree – National Team Pattern Coach
Ms. Katja Hansen V Degree – National Team Sparring Coach
Mr. John Munro V Degree – National Team Special Technique & Power Coach
Mr. Steven Thain III Degree – Assistant Coach

National Umpire Course – 8th February


13th January 2020

Dear ITF Members,

It is with great pleasure that you to the ITF Scotland Umpire & Sportdata Event Technology (SET) Course on Saturday 8th February 2020. We hope you join us in starting our initiative for 2020.

It is not possible to prepare our athletes for competition at the highest level, and they will never be ready to perform under the closest scrutiny abroad unless we have qualified umpires judging them at our national and regional tournaments.

There has been a worrying trend over the last few years that has given the impression that school instructors place no importance on the role of the umpire. This situation is unsustainable if we want the very best for our athletes.

We also see the passion from our instructors in wanting the very best for their athletes, generating great team spirit within their team which is of course is the bed rock of any school. Equally important however, is that “your team” should have umpires as part of that team and spirit, knowing full well that they are an important part of your success. Your students should see your school is represented in the umpire and officials pool and making a great contribution to the success of their day. Umpire-athlete should not be considered an “us and them” situation but one team with one goal – A great National Championships.

The Umpire Course will be conducted by Master Gordon Wallace VIII, member of the ITF Umpire Committee, and Master Alexander Dunbar VIII chairman of the AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee.

It will be very much a practical workshop using 3 scoring systems with all participants will receive an ITFS Umpire Manual.

The course is open to participants from 2nd Kup to 9th Degree.

We hope you join us in this new initiative and look forward to seeing you and your students at the course.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee




If you would like to be placed on a reserve list for any spaces that become available please email Mrs. McIlvaney.

2020 AGM Report

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland was held on Sunday 13th January, at the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn.

39 plaque holders attended the meeting, which was opened by Mr. Adam Paterson, Chairman of ITFS, after welcoming everyone, he highlighted some of the important points over the past year, none more so than First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum being bestowed the prestigious title at the ITF Congress in April. As well as congratulating a number of seniors who promoted throughout the past year, including Scotland’s newest 7th Degree, Master Garry Shaw. Recognition and congratulationswere also expressed to those who represented their clubs on the competition front, at both national, and international level, with special mention to those in the national team, as well as their coaches, and especially to the umpires who give up their time to umpire and officiate at ITFS and international events. Congratulations were expressed to all medal winners at the World and European Championships in 2019, with special mention for Miss. Katrina Carr (ITF World Champion 2019 – Sparring) and Jemma Swinburne (AETF European Champion 2019 – Pattern).

In March 2019 a new board was elected and have since worked hard on planning and developing operating and budgeting procedures, to improve the stability of ITFS, with dynamic new visions for courses and development groups to allow ITF Scotland members to flourish. 2019 saw funding being given to the national team benefitting all competitors who attended the European Championships. Into the coming year it planned that further investment will be given not only to our competitors, but into developing our national umpires also. The first national umpire course since 2016 will be held in February prior to the national championships later in the month.

Mr. Paterson closed with his hopes that 2020 will be the year of growth for Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

Following on the secretary; Mrs. McIlvaney spoke further and gave a full report of the promotions, national and international events of 2019, and outlined some of the board’s visions for the next two years.

Mr. Dickson, ITF Treasurer gave an outline of the financial report for 2018/2019, and analysis on the past 12 month’s income and expenditure. He further noted the financial plans and budget for the next year.

Master Denholm was invited to give report on behalf of the national team management on theirs and the teams activities, with mention of the recent European Championships, as well as current and planned national team training sessions on the lead up to the 2020 European Championships.

Mrs. Wilson, Director responsible for PVG, outlined the processes of making PVG applications with Disclosure Scotland, and answered a few questions. She also expressed thanks and noted a significant uptake in applications in recent months.

After the reports from 2019, the board presented future business and development items, starting with the standing committees that will be introduced, and applications set to be sent out in the coming weeks. The planned introduction of a new Inclusion Committee, which follows the lead of the ITF. Mr. Paterson made mention of the use of online forums to better utilise the experience all members and instructors have and can share to better develop ideas and knowledge between instructors. It is hoped that the new committees can introduce this along with the board.

To round off the meeting the board introduced the new selection process for European & World Championships, which will now take the form of a points-based accumulation at approved national tournaments. The first of these being the National Championships in February, which will count towards selection for 2021. This was well received from the memberships as a positive step toward building stronger foundations for current and future competitors. Mrs. McIlvaney explained that confirmation of the events that will be ranking tournaments will be forwarded to the members in the coming weeks. Records will be kept on ITFS website of the competitors ranked standings.

In closing, certificates were presented by First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum to those present who promoted to 4th Degree and higher at the end of 2019; Mrs. Jackie Timoney VI, Mr. Ross Penman IV and Mr. Brian Anderson IV. 

In conclusion, over the past year, the development in Scotland has taken many positive steps forward, all of which we hope can be built on over the next 12 months, with all instructors and seniors coming together for the betterment of Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

The board would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the AGM, and look forward to seeing all at the first course of 2020; the national umpire course on 8th February.

Report: Mrs G. McIlvaney

2020 Annual General Meeting

A reminder the annual general meeting of plaque holders is to be held on Sunday 12th January 2020 @ The Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn, EH47 0JU. Start 12 noon.

Plaque holders have been emailed full invite and tentative agenda.

2020 ITF Scottish Championships Invite & Information

Dear ITF Members,

It is with great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the ITF Scottish Championships on 29th February & 1st March 2020, according to the following schedule;

Saturday 29th February

  • 13 years & under – (Youth, Cadet & Pre-Junior)

Sunday 1st March

  • 14 years & over – (Junior, Senior & Adv. Senior)
  • ASN Competitors – (All ages)

This competition is open to ITF Taekwon-Do students 10th Kup to 6th Degree. 

Please take the time to read the attached information.

We look forward to seeing you and your students at the competition.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee