ITFS Centre Referee Course Report

The second ITF Scotland Sparring Centre Referee Training Course was held on Saturday 15th April in Aberdeen ahead of the ITF Scotland National Championships in May. The purpose of this course is to help develop the next generation of centre referees as well as provide refresher training for those with experience. Presenting a separate course specifically for Sparring Centre Referee worked very well last year in improving the confidence of the participants to take on the role, which is often avoided, as well as keep others up to date with the current ITF procedures.

The course was presented by ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Members Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg and Mr John Munro V Deg. Both with over 20 years umpire experience and over 10 years at international level including ITF World Championships, World Cup and European Championships.

The presentation covered all aspects of the role including ring announcements, correct hand signals, ring awareness, injury time and general roles and responsibilities involved at the National Championships. Participants took part in various practical sessions in their groups to work on all tasks and received feedback and advise throughout these sessions.

ITF Scotland Umpire Committee Chairman, Master David McNairn VIII Deg will also be hosting an Online Umpire Refresher course on Sunday 7th May (12-3pm) for all umpires.