ITF Scotland – Umpire Course Report

On 7 April 2023, an Umpire Refresher Course was held for ITF Scotland, via Zoom in preparation for the Scottish Championships the following week.

The course was well attended, with 50 plus in attendance via video link, and hosted by the current ITFS Umpire committee comprising of:

  • Master David McNairn VIII Deg

  • Mr John Munro V Deg

  • Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg

    Master McNairn presented the main part of the course with Mrs Wallace covering the patterns section and Mr Munro covering Power Test and Special Technique. All aspects of officiating were included in the course –

  • Jury president duties

  • Corner referees

  • Sparring scoring

  • Patterns judging and scoring

  • Procedures for opening / closing the ring

  • Power Test & Special Technique judging

  • Jury member duties / ring management

    The presentation also gave an overview of some of the rules issued by the Tournament Committee specific to the Scottish Championships. Umpires were also reminded of the importance in reading the rules prior to attending.

    A separate centre referee course was provided on 15th April in Aberdeen, hosted by Mrs Wallace and Mr Munro as it was felt that this required more practical training.

    Due to the popularity of the course, the Umpire Committee intend to present further similar courses via zoom in the future as well as a full practical course proposed for early in 2024. We hope to inspire the next generation of Blackbelts to become as enthusiastic as we all are in helping raise the standard of umpiring, as this is essential to the future of competition.

– ITFS Umpire Committee