Updated advice on Coronavirus / COVID-19

ITF Scotland advice on Coronavirus / COVID-19. (updated 18th March 2020)

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak within Scotland continues to advance, ITF Scotland offer the following updated to instructors and members.

Our advice to our membership as of 18th March 2020, is for instructors to continue keeping themselves fully up to date with all advice on how to halt the spread of the virus.  And be pro-active in use of these methods within their gyms, practicing the hygiene routines posted below and in our previous statement.

There remains no government directive to close gyms, clubs, and large-scale events, or restricting classes, that coupled with the education authorities continuing to open as normal, ITF Scotland believe it remains the decision of the instructor as to whether to run their respective classes or not.  We suggest taking all local authority advice on board when making any decision on running classes.

As such we advise that instructors continuing with their classes as normal note the following advice; 

  • Facilities, surfaces and equipment should be cleaned regularly. Instruct students to ensure their own sparring equipment is also cleaned. 
  • Instructors should be proactive and encourage hand washing before and after class. And encourage coughing and sneezing control (e.g. sneezing into elbow, not hands). 
  • Any members displaying flu like symptoms should stop attending class for a minimum of 7 days and inform their instructor accordingly. 
  • It is up to instructors as to whether they wish to restrict physical contact such as hand shaking. 
  • Instructors are advised to practise social distancing within classes, limiting activities with partner contact where possible; such as omitting ho sin sul training during the epidemic as this discipline involves the closest physical contact. 

We are also aware a number of local authorities have now closed their public buildings and many of their community facilities, this in turn affects many Taekwon-Do clubs and instructors who are forced to close for a period of time.

We understand that this situation we are all experiencing in the UK and further afield is unprecedented, with advice changing daily.  Should a further directive be issued from the government we will update accordingly.

UK Government Statement & Updates regarding coronavirus can be found here:


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