Seminar with Master Jedut VIII Degree

master-jedut-2016Over the weekend of 6th & 7th August, we were lucky enough to host in Scotland, Master Jedut 8th Degree from Poland, world renowned coach, member of the AETF Board of Directors and friend.

Master Jedut has visited Scotland on many occasions in previous years (2003/2010/2011/2013/2016) all hosted at GMAC Martial Arts gym in Livingston.  With each seminar, so much is packed in to it, that it’s impossible not to go away, having learned multiple new ways to practice sparring exercises, kicking and technique for Patterns and basic movements. This year was to be no different…

During his short time in Scotland, Master Jedut took both a seminar for children under 12, and one for teens & adults.  Both were packed full of exciting new ideas and outlooks, varying pad-work exercises, and footwork drills but were mostly focused on sparring drills.

During both seminars the 50 plus participants, as well as Master Jedut himself, were so full of energy and enthusiasm that they ran on in order to include more Taekwon-Do.  The day started at 10am with 1 hour 30 minutes training for children (this turned in to 1 hour 50 mins), with the Teens & Adults beginning at 12, and continuing on just over two hours after its scheduled stop at 4pm, eventually finishing at 6.15pm.

On behalf of GMAC and my students, I would firstly like to thanks Master Jedut for taking the time during his very busy summer schedule to come to Scotland.  The week previously he was guest at the ITA Summer camp in Ireland, and first thing on the Monday morning, he headed south to conduct a series of seminars across England.  A final thank you to those who came along and took part.


 Participants – Children’s Seminar


Adam Weir GMAC
Cameron Holmes I-Kick
Gray Nisbet GMAC
Junior Bett GMAC
Kaity Weir GMAC
Kera McLeish GMAC
Kyle Lynch GMAC
Lauren Kee I-Kick
Lewis Millan I-Kick
Lewis McIlvaney GMAC
Logan Devlin GMAC
Mhairi Crookston GMAC
Monique Zaharia GMAC
Nathan Cowan GMAC
Oliwia Loza GMAC
Sami Save-Kimmings GMAC
Sophie Niezbcka GMAC
Tiaa Clark GMAC


  Participants – Teens & Adults Seminar

Aidan Timoney Glasgow East
Annie Morrison Dunbar BBA
Anton McMenemey GMAC
Ben Melrose GMAC
Brian Penman I-Kick
Christopher Ritchie Derek Gilmour BBA
Des Athanasiadou GMAC
Donatella Fargnoli GMAC
Elaine Easthope Scotia
Erin Timoney Glasgow East
Ethan McKenna GMAC
Gary McAvoy GMAC
Gary McAlister GMAC
Hayden McAvoy GMAC
Iain Banks Derek Gilmour BBA
Iain O’Hare GMAC
Jaimie Singleton GMAC
James Hilley Glasgow East
Jason Munro GMAC
Jay Jervis GMAC
Joe Faulkner GMAC
John Munro GMAC
John Melrose GMAC
Jonathan Marsella GMAC
Kerris Melrose GMAC
Kirsty Zaharia Scotia
Megan Brown GMAC
Ross Penman I-Kick
Ross Cowan GMAC
Scott Crookston GMAC