On Sunday the 15th of January 2017, ITF Scotland board members along with Master G. Wallace and other Taekwon-Do groups throughout Scotland attended the Scottish Council of Taekwondo’s (SCoT) annual general meeting.

SCoT is a collective group of representatives from all Taekwon-Do groups and associations from across the country, whether !TF, WTF or other, working together to promote Taekwon-Do in Scotland.  

One of the main aims of SCoT is to gain government recognition through the UK Institute of Sport and Sports Scotland, paving the way for access to develop our instructors, coaches, officials and athletes, as well as promoting participation in Taekwon-Do.

This AGM was the second for SCoT, and a great way for ITF Scotland to meet and renew acquaintances with other TKD groups in our country. The meeting consisted of an update of the past years events and progress and also informing the memberships of the future plans and targets for this coming year.

ITF Scotland’s Vice President; Mr. David Condie was re-elected as a director for SCoT.  His role as safeguarding officer, is one he looks forward to fulfilling.

As well as members from ITF Scotland in attendance, there was also representative’s from UKTA, GTF, TKD Scotland, Taekwondo Association Scotland, UKTC, Taekwondo Scotland, Taekwondo Alliance, TAGB Scotland, BITF, GTUK and UKTFS Traditional Taekwondo Association.

ITF Scotland continue to be full members of SCoT and fully supportive their development.
Report by Mr. D. Condie

Vice-President ITF Scotland