NTA Three Master’s Seminar & Black Belt Grading

MS5The NTA Masters Seminar was held on Saturday 24th January in the Montrose Sports Centre, Montrose. The Seminar was conducted by Master Wallace 8th Deg, Master McNairn 7th Deg and Master Campins 7th Deg.

The groups were split into Junior Colour Belts, Senior Colour Belts and Blackbelts and taken through Patterns, kicking, step sparring and sparring drills. The Seminar was well attended and lots were learned as always.

Following the Seminar, the Degree Grading was held in Master McNairns Blackbelt Academy for four 1st Kup students.

We are delighted to announce that they successfully promoted to 1st Degree – Mrs Catriona Steel, Mr Rico Campins, Miss Erin Logan and Mr James Craik.

Well done to them all.

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