National Umpire Course – 8th February


13th January 2020

Dear ITF Members,

It is with great pleasure that you to the ITF Scotland Umpire & Sportdata Event Technology (SET) Course on Saturday 8th February 2020. We hope you join us in starting our initiative for 2020.

It is not possible to prepare our athletes for competition at the highest level, and they will never be ready to perform under the closest scrutiny abroad unless we have qualified umpires judging them at our national and regional tournaments.

There has been a worrying trend over the last few years that has given the impression that school instructors place no importance on the role of the umpire. This situation is unsustainable if we want the very best for our athletes.

We also see the passion from our instructors in wanting the very best for their athletes, generating great team spirit within their team which is of course is the bed rock of any school. Equally important however, is that “your team” should have umpires as part of that team and spirit, knowing full well that they are an important part of your success. Your students should see your school is represented in the umpire and officials pool and making a great contribution to the success of their day. Umpire-athlete should not be considered an “us and them” situation but one team with one goal – A great National Championships.

The Umpire Course will be conducted by Master Gordon Wallace VIII, member of the ITF Umpire Committee, and Master Alexander Dunbar VIII chairman of the AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee.

It will be very much a practical workshop using 3 scoring systems with all participants will receive an ITFS Umpire Manual.

The course is open to participants from 2nd Kup to 9th Degree.

We hope you join us in this new initiative and look forward to seeing you and your students at the course.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee




If you would like to be placed on a reserve list for any spaces that become available please email Mrs. McIlvaney.