Master’s Promotions for ITF Scotland

1980351_641557939264742_2519352418338240221_oOn behalf of ITF Scotland Board of Directors we would like take the opportunity to congratulate the following senior members who were promoted on Saturday 24th May, during the 92nd IIC held in Dublin, Ireland.

The grading panel consisted of ITF Technical Committee members; Grand Master Morano IX Degree, Grand Master Bos IX Degree and Grand Master Lan IX Degree.


Promoted to 7th Degree

Master Jamie Campins VII Degree

Master David McNairn VII Degree


Promoted to 8th Degree

Senior Master Gordon Wallace VIII Degree


Many ITF Scotland members were in attendance not only to take part in the IIC and build upon their knowledge, but also to support three of our senior ranks who were testing for further degrees.  A full list of participants from ITF Scotland can be found below;


1.  Master Gordon Wallace VIII

2.  Master Mark Hutton VII

3.  Master Jamie Campins VII

4.  Master David McNairn VII

5.  Mr. Robin Blair VI

6.  Mr. Brian McGowan V

7.  Mr. Mark Boydell V

8.  Mr. Arthur Doyle IV

9.  Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst IV

10.  Mrs. Jacqui Wallace III

11.  Mrs. Ngaire Boydell III


A full gallery of picture’s taken over the course of the IIC can be found in our Gallery and via the Facebook page.  Photo’s courtesy of Mr. Dewhurst and Mr. Doyle.