ITFS Centre Referee Course – 15th April 2022

2023 National Centre Referee Training

Venue: MWBA Aberdeen, AB11 9AA

Time: 10:00 – 14:00 hours

Cost: £35.00 payable on arrival (returnable on completion of a full day umpiring at the ITFS Championships.

Course Details:

Under the supervision of ITFS Umpire Committee Chairman MASTER MCNAIRN VIII Deg (International Umpire), the course will be expedited by Committee members SABUM JACQUI WALLACE IIV Deg (current International Centre Referee) & SABUM JOHN MUNRO V Deg (International Umpire). Both have a wide range of experience in controlling the skills and energies at the highest level in both Individual & Team Sparring.

This practical session aims to help find a new generation of sparring centre referees for ITF Scotland as well as refresher training for those with experience. It is a great opportunity to review current ITF rules and best practices in this role and attendees will be expected to use their training to help centre at the upcoming ITF Scotland Championships.

This will be a small group session for Degree holders only with numbers limited to 20 SPACES.

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