ITF Scotland Championships – Umpire Update

Dear Instructor’s, Umpire’s and Black Belt’s,

With regards to the National Championships this coming Sunday 13th April.

There will be further training for all selected Jury President & Centre Referee’s to held on Saturday 12th April from 1pm – 5pm at GMAC Martial Arts, Livingston, EH54 5LU.  Dress code Tracksuit and Dobok.  Please also bring a copy of the ITFS Tournament rules.

Jury President’s

Mr. Garry Shaw VI, Mr. Robin Blair VI, Mr. David Murphy VI, Mr. John McIlvaney V, Mr. Mark Boydell V, Mr. David Lupton V, Mrs. Jackie Timoney V and Mr. Brian McGowan V.

Centre Referee’s

Mr. John McManus IV, Mr. Arthur Doyle IV, Mr. Stewart Walker IV, Mr. Daniel McGhee IV, Mr. Colin Lyon III, Mr. John Munro III, Mrs. Jacqui Wallace III, Mrs. Ngaire Boydell III, Mr. Lee Anderson III, Mr. Gordon Graham III, Mr Michael Leask III, Mr. Steven Lee III, Mr. Brian Anderson II and Mr. Derek Torrens II.


All Black Belts and Umpire’s should attend the competition in official ITF Dress as per Tournament Rules;  Navy Jacket and Trousers, long sleeved white shirt, Navy Tie, WHITE GYM SHOES and pen.

An umpire meeting for all black belts will take place at the venue at 08:30 am.  Please ensure you arrive and register prior to this.