ITF Scotland 2023 AGM Report

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland was held on Sunday the 15th of January, at the Mercure Hotel, Perth.

The meeting was opened and attendees welcomed by the Chairman of ITF Scotland, Mr. Adam Paterson. After welcoming the members of ITF Scotland to the meeting, Mr Paterson then highlighted some key events that had happened over the course of the past year, since the election of the newly formed ITF Scotland Board. One notable event that was highlighted was the promotion to Grand Master for Gordon Wallace. ITF Scotland once again would like to congratulate Grand Master Wallace on his promotion to IX Degree.

Mr Paterson also informed the membership that the Board of Directors had appointed Mrs Lorna Singleton as Chair of the Tournament committee and Master David McNairn as Chair of the Umpire Committee, both pending acceptance from the individuals.

Following on from Mr Paterson, the Secretary General, Mrs. McIlvaney, spoke further and gave a full report of the promotions , national and international events for 2022 and outlined some of ITFS plans for the coming years.

Mrs Jacqui Wallace, ITFS Treasurer gave an outline of the financial report for 2021/2022 and an analysis on the past 12 months income and expenditure. It was noted that these accounts were of those responsible to the former ITFS Treasurer, before the election of Mrs Wallace in 2022.

Miss Brown, the director responsible for ITF Scotlands PVGs, advised of the number of new applicants in 2022 and that as part of her new role she would be proactive in ensuring instructors are up to date with current disclosure procedures.

After the reports had been approved by the membership, the ITF Scotland Board introduced a draft proposal for a change to the National Team Coaching Structure. Mr Paterson outlined some of the key points and members were issued with copies to take away with them. The ITFS Board welcome feedback on the document.

Currently, there is a vacant position on the ITFS Board of Directors. This position was advertised in advance of the AGM and no valid applications where received before the application deadline. The position has been opened back up for applications with the deadline being the 13th of February 2023.

The ITFS Board of Directors informed the membership that they would call an EGM in the coming months to vote on the National Team Coaching Structure and the Vacant Board position.

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the AGM, and look forward to seeing all at the upcoming EGM.

Report: Mr E Donnelly