IIC 100 Report

11082168_1055175037830390_1438186223513101198_oITF Scotland were hosts to the 100th International Instructors Course, in Aberdeen, Scotland over the weekend of 13th – 15th March 2015.

Below you can find a report compiled by Master Gordon Wallace 8th Degree and Master David McNair 7th Degree.



Thursday 12/3/15

100 IIC week started early with the arrival of the ITF Board of Directors and to Aberdeen for their first full board meeting of 2015. After some small sightseeing trips and good food, it was down to two days of business for them.  During this time members of the Technical Committee started to arrive.


On Thursday evening after day two of the meeting our ITF Board and Committee members were officially welcomed to Aberdeen by the City Lord Provost, Councillor George Adam at his official council chambers.  The purpose of the reception was for the city to officially welcome the ITF Board of Directors and Technical Committee with informal drinks reception.

 The evening started After his welcome address and the reply from Snr Vice President Master Weiler.  During his reply Master Weiler presented with an ITF lapel pin badge. Afterwards our VIPs were invited to an excellent buffet that was greeted enthusiastically by our VIPs. A tour of the Chambers followed directed by the town sergeant explaining the history of the building and its many artefacts. The reception evening lasted about 2 hours and it celebrated the start of IIC weekend.


Friday 13/3/15

Day One at 13:30 on Friday it started with the entrance of the ITF Board of Directors, minus of course, our President who could not make it due to extra ordinary circumstances, Aberdeen Lord Provost. Councellor George Adam and followed by the Technical Committee of GM Marano, GM Bos, GM Lan and making his inaugural position within the Technical Committee, from Canada Master Clint Norman and Master Donato Nardizzi of the Children’s Development Committee.  After the initial welcome addresses and official opening statement from Snr Vice President Master Paul Weiler, the 100th IIC declared open and it was time for business.


The assembly turned and paid respect in the now traditional Narani So Hanulson.  GM Bos opened the IIC first session with his trademark passionate array of hi energy drills, exercises and stretches.  From the balcony, venue staff members said their eyes were hurting with all the white suits dashing around everywhere.  Motivation being the key element in GM Bos’s instruction had everyone severely on their toes and knuckles at some points to give all practitioners the old memory and new experience of how training used to be on a wooden floor.


GM Marano then took over to give his trademark detailed section of fundamental movement with this time giving the key focus on the body movement, whilst stepping, changing stance sliding and shifting.  The fundamental theories were then put into practice with the early Kup grade patterns and they finished with Won Hyo.


Gm Lan took the next session of defending and attacking at the various distances and used drills of step and side shifting to highlight the importance of correct positioning to maximise the counter attack effectiveness. GM Lan then gave demonstrations and examples of close quarter defence and counters when being restrained and explained the importance of eliminating potential additional attacks by putting your opponent in a position of disadvantage.


Master Norman made his IIC debut by continuing the sparring theme from practical sparring theories into competition sparring theories.  The example drills were given in the form of practical inline sequences followed by demonstration drills by volunteers using focus equipment.


The afternoon session closed at 17:30.



Saturday 14/03/15


The second day started with “An Audience with GM MacCallum” in which he gave a narrative about his life and times with General Choi.  The talk was laced with some straight stories laced with some very funny anecdotes which gave everyone an insight into the public and private personality of our Founder.


Master Norman led the first technical session with all participants guiding them through 1st degree patterns with a move by move explanation. GM Bos followed on with another hi energy kicking session with dynamic drills and exercises, not to mention a new “Shaving Chagi”, endorsed by Mr Brett Stronach IV degree from England.  After the break the group split with GM Lan leading 2nddegree patterns and Master Norman directing the 1st degree group with the remainder of the Kup grade patterns.


Lunch break was followed with the afternoon session led by Master Nardizzi and the Kids Programme.  In a very animated and group participating session Master Nardizzi showed many of the techniques and methods for leading a class of young students.  There was much role playing and laughter with his team acting out the special trial and tribulations of a junior student class leader.


The IIC weekend then got prepared for the 100 IIC Scottish themed Banquet.  The banquet was held at the home of Aberdeen FC, Pittodrie Stadium and 257 attendees had booked their places. Prior to this weekend the Technical Committee along with the ITF President were asked if they would like to get into the spirit of the Scottish evening by wearing traditional Scottish Highland dress.  All agreed including our President GM Trajtenberg, but of course he was not to attend, so in keeping with the duties of the Snr Vice President, Master Weiler agreed to fill his shoes, or kilt in this occasion.


A piper greeted the guests and the evening started with a reception drinks for the ITF VIPs whilst the banquet guests took their places. The ITF Board of Directors and Technical Committee were piped in to the guests in the room.  Master Wallace welcomed all to the Banquet and gave an outline of the evening.  Everyone was then treated to a pre-recorded video message from GM Trajtenberg and the successful candidates from the day’s degree test were given specially prepared congratulation cards to commemorate their achievement.


To start the Scottish evening properly a special tribute was given to the Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Each year he is remembered in the form of a supper of a local dish “Haggis”.  Burns made a special address to the “Haggis” and this address was acted out in front of the guests where it is ceremoniously “sacrificed” then served up to eat.  After the Banquet Dinner, guests were then treated to a Scottish Ceiled, where all guest were in full spirit and filled the dance floor, enthusiastically getting through the many varied Scottish dances.  The Banquet closed at 12 midnight with many of the VIPs staying late.  It was a fantastic night with many great photo opportunities and we would like to especially thank the many visitors who embraced the Scottish themed night.


Sunday 15/3/15


A very prompt start to the Sunday, with everyone lining up at 09:00. 


We were invited to sit and were given a presentation on the ITF Africa project (by the ITF VP, Mtr Wieler) and the progress of II Deg Mr Kamir and his prosthetic leg.


GM Bos followed with a warm up and some stretching for all. The hall was then divided into 2 groups, with I & II deg with Master Norman covering the colour belt patterns.

GM Bos then proceeded with III & IV degree patterns, he was pretty laid back with these but took some time to show the application of some of the
more complicated movements. There was a bit of Banter during these demos and GMB remarked how the IIC’s have changed since the General Choi days and that it was
possible to make jokes and laugh with the masters and other ranks. GM Marano & Lan were on hand walking thru the lines making small corrections to individuals
if required.

Again the hall was split  V – IX degree and I – IV degrees, the higher degrees went thru their patterns with GM Marano.


The lower degrees lined up under GM Lan then buddied up 1-2-1. GM Lan spent the rest of the morning showing kicking combinations and sparring drills which can be used to speed up everyone’s reaction times.

Everyone lined up in front of the ITF board, sadly due to over-running on the schedule some members had to leave to make flights and trains and missed out on what was to follow.

Master Wallace took to the microphone and one by one thanked the ITF Technical Committee and Board for their attendance, he presented gifts  symbolising friendship and spirit in TKD.

He spoke from the heart about his memories going back 30+ years with GM Bos and emphasised that this was GM Bos last European IIC now that he was starting a new
chapter with the ICCs, as an observer. According to testament from others, this was the most emotional scenes I’ve ever witnessed at an IIC. 


Each of the board members made their own acceptance speech in return and thanked the IIC organisers for what had been a wonderful  week. In an unusual turn of events GM Bos then made a presentation to
both Master Wallace and Mrs Wallace, to thank him for his organisation of the event, (again, testament from others) MW was visibly surprised humbled and quite emotional, 

The VP then officially closed the 100th IIC, there was the customary  group photo, followed by individual photos and book signing before a swift departure  


Report by


Master Gordon Wallace VIII and Master David McNairn VII