First Online Zoom Seminar

In the midst of the Covid pandemic ITFS hosted a national Master’s Seminar via the online meeting platform Zoom today, allowing practitioners to continue their training during “lockdown”.

The online event was the first of its kind hosted in Scotland, with over 90 participants from across the country logging in and taking part over three 45 minute sessions.

The first session was taught by Master Heath Denholm VII Degree, with the focus on coloured belt patterns, more specifically breaking down some of the more complicated movement combinations within the coloured belt patterns.

After a short break we moved on to the second session under the guidance of Master David McNairn VII Degree, who taught Kwang-Gae to the assembled participants, answering a number of questions posed by the students.

The final session of the afternoon was taught by Master Gordon Wallace VIII Degree. Choi-Yong was the focus of this session, and with a smaller number of participants, it allowed for in depth technical discussions, and corrections to all.

After the last session we ended with some insightful history of Taekwon-Do from each of the Masters.

We’d like to express our thanks to the Master’s who gave their time today, and to all the participants for taking part. We do hope to repeat the successful event in the near future, please look out for further information on online seminar’s coming soon.