First ITF Scotland Child Protection Course’s

ITF Scotland’s Child Protection Officer and tutor Ms. Angela Lindie took the first in a series of Child Protection Courses for our Instructors and Black Belts over the weekend of 17th & 18th January.  The first course’s (workshop 1) was held in Aberdeen at Master Wallace’s Blackbelt Academy on Saturday, and on the Sunday at GMAC Martial Arts in Livingston.

Both courses were very interactive, with the participants breaking off into groups to work on scenario based exercise’s of situations that may arise within class or competition.  The forum also gave the participants a chance to raise and discuss any thoughts and ask questions on the subject.  The course gave a better awareness of situations in the peripheral activities around the gym and not just on the dojang floor.

ITF Scotland would like to thank Ms. Lindie on delivering the first series of course’s, and look forward to working with the other groups in delivering the course in their respective area’s over the next few months.

Over the weekend 54 participants took the first workshop, 24 participants in Aberdeen, and 30 in Livingston, see some picture’s from the course below.


“NTA would like to thank Miss Angela Lindie and our Secretary General, Mr David Condie V Degree for their time and coming up to present the first in a series of Child Protection Course for instructors in ITF Scotland.  The course was very well received and Miss Lindie was very generous with her time and her knowledge.  The course was very valuable and dispersed fears that it was going to be an exercise in political correctness.  It was most certainly fours well spent and all of our instructors, assistants and support staff came away with a feeling of confidence in how we deal and address this very sensitive subject.”