European Championships 2018 Report

The ITF Scotland National team have just returned from the 33rd Senior & 24th Junior European Taekwon-Do Championships 2018, held on the 12–15 April 2018 in the sports hall LUKNA, Mladinska 29, Maribor, Slovenia

The competition was conducted in compliance with the AETF competition rules and the participants competed in the individual and team disciplines of Pattern, Sparring, Special Techniques & Power Test.
The competition was open to Black Belt holders for competitors aged 13 years and above.


The team travelled with 30 competitors, 11 coaches, 1 umpire, 1 IT assistant and 7 supporters. 

Arriving at their hotel for a successful weigh in on the Wednesday morning they then went on to some lite pre competition training at the Barada Centre.

The Event

With an opening ceremony on the Thursday morning, the competitors and spectators were given a display of pre arranged sparring, patterns and contemporary dance, followed by the commencement of the event and the patterns category.


The National team all performed well, scooping up 5 medals in total; (1 Silver, 4 Bronze).  This is testimony to the hard work of team, with 7 competitors also reaching the quarter final stages.

Not all hard work

Following the event, the team had the remainder of the day to relax before returning home, and took in some of the sights the city of Maribor had to offer.

What next

The National coaching team will take a quick breath to plan ahead for the World  Championships in 2019, with the selection process planned to take place in the near future.

The Team would like to thank MIGHTYFIST EUROPE & MIGHTYFIST SCOTLAND, for their support and sponsorship.  This has provided a massive contribition for our members.

Well done to all !!!

Tae Kwon.


Report:  Mr. Paul Mullen I (Team Manager)





Megan Brown, Rheannan Brown, Kartina Carr, Shelby McQuade & Catriona McRoberts


Gilles Brown, Kieran Cain, Michael McRoberts, Jason Munro & Iain O’Hare


Amber Blair, Emma Jane Fraser, Erin Logan, Alex Marshall, Kloe McKay, Lauren McKay, Chiara Mullen, Katie Riddell, Jemma Swinburne, Lara Torrance & Lauren Watson


Rico Campins, Leon Carlaw, Blair Chisholm, Ian Ford, Jay Jervis, Hayden McAvoy, Zacharia Obike, Robbie Shepherd & Connor Stuart