Black Belt Grading – June 2015

11201118_10153425186138919_5378556529164702064_nOver the weekend of 12th – 14th June took place GMAC Martial Arts Summer Black Belt Grading, this was held in partnership with Forth Valley Taekwon-Do and Glasgow East.

The grading weekend began on Friday evening, with twelve candidates from across the three groups taking the theory exam for promotion to the next degree level.  The practical test was taken on Sunday, beginning at 10am under the examination panel of Grand Master T. MacCallum IX, Mr. John McIlvaney VI, Mr. Garry Shaw VI, Mrs. Jacqueline Timoney V and Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney IV, with Mrs. Kerris Dickson III facilitating the grading exam.

All candidates took to the floor in their respective grades to perform their nine patterns.  On completion of these, they then moved into the sparring part of the exam, completing multiple bouts of 1-step, pre-arranged, free sparring and 2vs1 sparring to various opponents.  Self Defence followed first with unarmed self defence, and then defence against a weapon, before each of the candidates completed their respective breaking techniques.  Of the 12 candidates presenting for the test, 10 were successful  and promoted to the next degree as follows;

Promoted to 1st Degree

Cerys Turner – GMAC Martial Arts

Lauren Watson – GMAC Martial Arts

Jay Jervis – GMAC Martial Arts

Stuart Adair – GMAC Martial Arts

Promoted to 3rd Degree

Martin Smillie – GMAC Martial Arts

Promoted to 4th Degree

Adam Paterson – Forth Valley TKD

Colin Lyon – Forth Valley TKD

Garry McGuire – Forth Valley TKD

Scott Morris – Glasgow East

John Munro – GMAC Martial Arts