African Development Team Seminar Report

This weekend DMBBA hosted the Africa Development Team Technical Seminar, held in Montrose Sports Centre.

Our Team consisted of Grand Master Paul Weiler IX Deg, Master Ernesto Santaniello VIII Deg, Myself , Sabum Niklas Enander VI Deg and Sabum Jonothan Morris IV Deg. We were also joined by Grand Master Thomas MacCallum, the honorary ITF Scotland President.

Saturday morning began with registration for those who did not register on-line, and the course started at 09:00 until our break for lunch at 12:00.

The course content in the morning began with a session on warm up techniques, and how to do them safely, ensuring protection for the spinal column, this was followed by pattern training with Grand Master Weiler, and Master Ernesto Santaniello, this took most of the morning, and was followed in the afternoon by a session in self defence by Master McNairn, then pattern training continued throughout the afternoon with GMPW and Master Santaniello. After the presentation of some small gifts to the ADT team and attending Masters, and the official photograph, the first day closed at 18:00.

Day 2 began with pattern review, and the session were divided by grade with Sabum Enander and Sabum Mossis taking the coloured belt session through step sparring and sparring techniques.

GMPW and Master Santaniello continued with more senior grade patterns.
Sunday included patterns revision until 12:00, with Master McNairn, and GMPW.

In the afternoon, proceedings moved to David McNairn Black Belt Academy, where, after a light lunch, pre-grading and gradings were held, for those eligible.

From the feedback that we received, the weekend was a big success, and we would like to thank all of those who attended, especially our Masters, Master Gordon Wallace VIII Deg, Master Hutton VIII Deg, Master Campins VII Deg, and Master Blair VII Deg, these gentlemen always bring such credibility and expertise to any event, and we were delighted to have them with us, and share the floor with them for a few hours.

Everyone at DMBBA would like to congratulate everyone who graded successfully during the weekend, and we look forward to hosting the next event.


Words;  Master McNairn

Photo Credit: Gordon Paterson