25th International Umpire Course – Ireland

13323562_1362733487074542_5738465904411604976_oThe 25th ITF IUC took place in the Citywest Hotel & Convention Centre, Dublin on June 4th & 5th hosted by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA), NA for the ITF and AETF in Ireland and hosts of the 2017 ITF World Championships in the same venue. 138 participants attended the course from 24 countries, including 9 members from ITF Scotland.

The course was an opportunity to up skill umpiring knowledge and practice ahead of the upcoming ITF World events; ITF World Cup in Budapest in October 2016 and ITF World Championships in Dublin Ireland in October 2017. The ITF Umpire committee conducted the course, with the presence of the ITF Tournament committee, as well as ITF Director Grandmaster Bos and ITF Technical committee member Grandmaster Lan giving their guidance.

Members of the AETF umpire committee were also present on the course.

ITF Delegates leading the IUC:

Master Alberto Katz VIII Dan Chairman of ITF Umpire Committee
Grandmaster Ung Kim Lan IX Dan ITF Technical committee member
Grandmaster Wim Bos IX Dan ITF Director
Master Giovanni Ceccenato VII Dan ITF Tournament Committee
Master Reuben Suarez VIII Dan ITF Umpire Committee
Master Kurt Ottesen VII Dan ITF Umpire Committee
Master Coos van den Heuvel VIII Dan Chairman of ITF Tournament Committee
Master Harry Vones VIII Dan ITF Tournament Committee
Master Gordon Wallace VIII Dan ITF Umpire Committee

On arrival at the IUC all participants were given a free IUC t-shirt and poster of the event as a memento. The ITF IUC took place over two days. On day one the course leaders gave an in depth analysis of the scoring procedures and rules for ITF patterns and sparring and practical workshops and discussions allowing the participants time to put their skills to work. The day finished with the distribution of the IUC examination, which needed to be completed by all participants as part of their certification. Day two consisted of ring councils scoring live matches in patterns and sparring and using the ITF electronic scoring system. Video analysis was also used throughout the course with footage of top-level athletes from ITF world championships as a tool for learning, discussion etc.

On the Saturday evening of the IUC approx. 100 of the IUC participants enjoyed the banquet with live traditional Irish folk band entertaining the guests and creating a very lively and enjoyable atmosphere.


ITF Scotland Participants

Master Gordon Wallace 8th Degree

Master David McNairn 7th Degree

Mr. John McIlvaney 6th Degree

Mr. Garry Shaw 6th Degree

Mrs. Jackie Timoney 5th Degree

Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney 4th Degree

Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst 4th Degree

Mr. John Munro 4th Degree

Mrs. Jacqui Wallace 3rd Degree