About ITFS

ITF Scotland Board of Director’s.

Honorary President:  Grand Master MacCallum IX

President:  Mr. Adam Paterson IV (acting)

Senior Vice President:  

Second Vice President:  

Third Vice President:  

Secretary General:  Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney IV


Board Member:  

Board Member:  

Board Member:  





Executive Committee’s

Technical Committee

Chairperson:  Master Jamie Campins VII

Member:  Master David McNairn VII



Umpire Committee

Chairperson:  Master David McNairn VII

Member:  Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst IV




Tournament Committee

Chairperson:  Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney IV

Member:  Mr. John McIlvaney VI




Ethic’s & Disciplinary Committee



Member:  Mrs. Kay Campins IV



Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer

Mrs. Angela Barrie (independent)


PVG Officer

Mr. Paul Mullen I


ITF Kids Program Contact

Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney IV



National Coaching Staff

Team Director:  Master Jamie Campins VII

Team Manager:  Mr. Paul Mullen I 

Head Pattern Coach:  Mr. Heath Denholm VI

Head Sparring Coach:  Master Robin Blair VII

Head Special Technique Coach:  Mr. John Murno IV

Assistant Coach:  Mr. Chris Sheppard II



ITF Scotland-Regional Groups:

  • GMAC Tae Kwon Do (GMAC)
  • Scottish Taekwon Do Alliance (STA)
  • Scotia TKD (TKD-UK)
  • Forth Valley Tae Kwon Do (FVT)
  • I-Kick Martial Arts (IKMA)
  • Independant Instructors – Glasgow East (Ind-GE)
  • Independent Instructors – Aberdeenshire Blackbelt Clubs (Ind-ABC)
  • Independent Instructors – DMBBA (Ind-DMBBA)
  • Independent Instructors – Broxburn Blackbelt Academy (Ind-BBA)
  • Independent Instructors – Chesworth TKD (Ind-Ches)