National Umpire Course – 8th February


13th January 2020

Dear ITF Members,

It is with great pleasure that you to the ITF Scotland Umpire & Sportdata Event Technology (SET) Course on Saturday 8th February 2020. We hope you join us in starting our initiative for 2020.

It is not possible to prepare our athletes for competition at the highest level, and they will never be ready to perform under the closest scrutiny abroad unless we have qualified umpires judging them at our national and regional tournaments.

There has been a worrying trend over the last few years that has given the impression that school instructors place no importance on the role of the umpire. This situation is unsustainable if we want the very best for our athletes.

We also see the passion from our instructors in wanting the very best for their athletes, generating great team spirit within their team which is of course is the bed rock of any school. Equally important however, is that “your team” should have umpires as part of that team and spirit, knowing full well that they are an important part of your success. Your students should see your school is represented in the umpire and officials pool and making a great contribution to the success of their day. Umpire-athlete should not be considered an “us and them” situation but one team with one goal – A great National Championships.

The Umpire Course will be conducted by Master Gordon Wallace VIII, member of the ITF Umpire Committee, and Master Alexander Dunbar VIII chairman of the AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee.

It will be very much a practical workshop using 3 scoring systems with all participants will receive an ITFS Umpire Manual.

The course is open to participants from 2nd Kup to 9th Degree.

We hope you join us in this new initiative and look forward to seeing you and your students at the course.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee



2020 AGM Report

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland was held on Sunday 13th January, at the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn.

39 plaque holders attended the meeting, which was opened by Mr. Adam Paterson, Chairman of ITFS, after welcoming everyone, he highlighted some of the important points over the past year, none more so than First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum being bestowed the prestigious title at the ITF Congress in April. As well as congratulating a number of seniors who promoted throughout the past year, including Scotland’s newest 7th Degree, Master Garry Shaw. Recognition and congratulationswere also expressed to those who represented their clubs on the competition front, at both national, and international level, with special mention to those in the national team, as well as their coaches, and especially to the umpires who give up their time to umpire and officiate at ITFS and international events. Congratulations were expressed to all medal winners at the World and European Championships in 2019, with special mention for Miss. Katrina Carr (ITF World Champion 2019 – Sparring) and Jemma Swinburne (AETF European Champion 2019 – Pattern).

In March 2019 a new board was elected and have since worked hard on planning and developing operating and budgeting procedures, to improve the stability of ITFS, with dynamic new visions for courses and development groups to allow ITF Scotland members to flourish. 2019 saw funding being given to the national team benefitting all competitors who attended the European Championships. Into the coming year it planned that further investment will be given not only to our competitors, but into developing our national umpires also. The first national umpire course since 2016 will be held in February prior to the national championships later in the month.

Mr. Paterson closed with his hopes that 2020 will be the year of growth for Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

Following on the secretary; Mrs. McIlvaney spoke further and gave a full report of the promotions, national and international events of 2019, and outlined some of the board’s visions for the next two years.

Mr. Dickson, ITF Treasurer gave an outline of the financial report for 2018/2019, and analysis on the past 12 month’s income and expenditure. He further noted the financial plans and budget for the next year.

Master Denholm was invited to give report on behalf of the national team management on theirs and the teams activities, with mention of the recent European Championships, as well as current and planned national team training sessions on the lead up to the 2020 European Championships.

Mrs. Wilson, Director responsible for PVG, outlined the processes of making PVG applications with Disclosure Scotland, and answered a few questions. She also expressed thanks and noted a significant uptake in applications in recent months.

After the reports from 2019, the board presented future business and development items, starting with the standing committees that will be introduced, and applications set to be sent out in the coming weeks. The planned introduction of a new Inclusion Committee, which follows the lead of the ITF. Mr. Paterson made mention of the use of online forums to better utilise the experience all members and instructors have and can share to better develop ideas and knowledge between instructors. It is hoped that the new committees can introduce this along with the board.

To round off the meeting the board introduced the new selection process for European & World Championships, which will now take the form of a points-based accumulation at approved national tournaments. The first of these being the National Championships in February, which will count towards selection for 2021. This was well received from the memberships as a positive step toward building stronger foundations for current and future competitors. Mrs. McIlvaney explained that confirmation of the events that will be ranking tournaments will be forwarded to the members in the coming weeks. Records will be kept on ITFS website of the competitors ranked standings.

In closing, certificates were presented by First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum to those present who promoted to 4th Degree and higher at the end of 2019; Mrs. Jackie Timoney VI, Mr. Ross Penman IV and Mr. Brian Anderson IV. 

In conclusion, over the past year, the development in Scotland has taken many positive steps forward, all of which we hope can be built on over the next 12 months, with all instructors and seniors coming together for the betterment of Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

The board would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the AGM, and look forward to seeing all at the first course of 2020; the national umpire course on 8th February.

Report: Mrs G. McIlvaney

2020 Annual General Meeting

A reminder the annual general meeting of plaque holders is to be held on Sunday 12th January 2020 @ The Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn, EH47 0JU. Start 12 noon.

Plaque holders have been emailed full invite and tentative agenda.

2020 ITF Scottish Championships Invite & Information

Dear ITF Members,

It is with great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the ITF Scottish Championships on 29th February & 1st March 2020, according to the following schedule;

Saturday 29th February

  • 13 years & under – (Youth, Cadet & Pre-Junior)

Sunday 1st March

  • 14 years & over – (Junior, Senior & Adv. Senior)
  • ASN Competitors – (All ages)

This competition is open to ITF Taekwon-Do students 10th Kup to 6th Degree. 

Please take the time to read the attached information.

We look forward to seeing you and your students at the competition.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

ITF Scotland Tournament & Umpire Committee

European’s 2019 Team

The 2019 AETF European Championships are being held in Sarajevo,Bosnia & Herzegovina from 10th – 13th October. Tomorrow sees the majority of the Scotland Team travelling to the championships, with a few already having arrived today.

We’d like to wish the team and their coaches the very best for the week ahead in their bid to bag those European medals.

Scottish National ITF Taekwon-Do Team – European Championships 2019

Junior Female

  • Donatella Fargnoli
  • Kayleigh Mankin
  • Brooke Muirhead
  • Jaimie Singleton
  • Abigail Stirling
  • Jemma Swinburne
  • Lara Torrance

Junior Male

  • Ethan Boydell
  • Joseph Burns
  • Rico Campins
  • Darryl Cox
  • Chulainn Doan
  • Owen Garden
  • Matthew Irvine
  • Declan McAvoy
  • Hayden McAvoy
  • Morgan Milne
  • Zacharia Obike
  • Jack Shaw
  • Reece Stirling
  • Connor Stuart

Senior Female

  • Megan Brown
  • Katrina Carr
  • Catriona McRoberts

Senior Male

  • Gilles Brown
  • Alexander Gray
  • Liam King
  • Jack Lobban
  • Michael McRoberts
  • Iain O’Hare

Coaches: Mark Boydell, Megan Brown, Katrina Carr, Julia Cross, Master Heath Denholm, Alexander Gray, Katja Hansen, Master Mark Hutton, Liam King, John McIlvaney, Jason Munro, John Munro, Iain O’Hare, Jamie Swinburne & Steven Thain

Umpires: Master Alexander Dunbar & Mrs. Jacqui Wallace.

IT Assistant: Helene Hewitt.

The event itself starts on Thursday, and we hope (WiFi dependant) to be able to update the Facebook page where possible throughout the week.

From AETF Website: The 34th Senior and 25th Junior European Taekwon-Do Championships in Sarajewo are coming. We are looking forward for this amazing tournament were we will be able to see the best competitors in Europe. In Bosnia and Herzegowina we will welcome 1252 participants from 30 countries including 680 competitors, 198 coaches, 107 officials, 200 supporters and 67 umpires.
This will be unforgettable Championships full with exciting moments.

New Master!!

Congratulations to Scotland’s newest Master!

Master Garry Shaw was promoted to 7th Degree at the IIC in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this weekend.

Congratulations from all in ITF Scotland.

Inviting Applications for the ITFS National Team Director Post

Dear Masters and Instructors,

ITF Scotland are looking to appoint a new National Team Director for the next term which will run until the World Championships 2021.  

The National Team Director will be responsible for overseeing the development of Scotland’s National Team Coaches and Athletes, in order to achieve and sustain competitive excellence and promote and grow the Scottish National Taekwon-Do Team on the international stage.The role will also encompass identifying future National Team Members with assistance from the National Team Coaches and Manager.

Please find attached job description and further information.  

Closing date for applications Friday 31st May 2019.


Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney

Secretary General 

For and on behalf of ITF Scotland

First Honourable Grand Master

At the start of the Congress of the 21st Senior and 15th Junior World Championships, in Inzell Germany, a special announcement was made to honour Grand Master Thomas MacCallum IX Degree. In recognition of his long service and devoting his life to Taekwon-Do he was bestowed the title of first Honourable Grand Master (Kwan Jang Nim) in the ITF.

Grand Master MacCallum this year celebrated 50 years in Taekwon-Do, for over 20 years served as Under Secretary General, then Secretary General, as well as 16 years serving on the Board of the ITF. For many years Grand Master MacCallum travelled extensively with General Choi Hong-Hi as his bodyguard and some would say as his right-hand man. This year Grand Master MacCallum stepped down from serving on the ITF Board.

Grand Master MacCallum is the first to receive the title; First Honourable Grand Master (Kwan Jang Nim) in the ITF. At any one time there will only be 9 Grand Master’s holding the titles.

Grand Master MacCallum’s History in ITF

Grand Master MacCallum was born in December 1942, and began training in Taekwon-Do in March 1969 at RAF Changi Singapore, with instructors Lee Byong Moo (6th Dan) and Lee Joon Jae (5th Dan).

He was promoted to 1st Dan on the 4th July 1971 by Master Han Cha Kyo with certificate no. S-130

On return to Scotland after a career in the RAF he founded three Taekwon-Do Schools; Bathgate, Livingston and Grangemouth.  In 1985 Grand Master MacCallum (then 5th Dan) began work with the ITF as Under Secretary General, it was during this time that he accompanied and assisted General Choi Hong-Hi (Founder) on his International Course’s and duties.

During his time in Austria he also founded and taught at his schools Floridsdorf and Donausadt.

Some of Grand Master MacCallum’s achievements are listed below;

07 Mar 75          Promoted to 2nd Dan (B-2-13)

04 Sep 77          Promoted to 3rd Dan (B-3-11)

22 Mar 80          Promoted to 4th Dan (B80-4-6)

22 Mar 80          International Instructor ‘A’ (Cert no. 252)

22 Mar 80          International Umpire ‘A’ (Cert no. 188)

22 Jul 84           Promoted to 5th Dan (B84-5-2)

01 Sep 88          Promoted to 6th Dan (GB-6-1)

01 Mar 94          Promoted to 7th Dan Master (ITF-7-1)

02 Mar 01          Promoted to 8th Dan (ITF-8-1)

21 Mar 09          Promoted to 9th Dan Grand Master (GB-9-1)

1975                    Award of the Blackbelt Grading for Power.

1977                    Gold medal for Twimyo Dollyo Chagi (Jumping Turning Kick)

1975 to 1985      National Secretary UKTA from

1979 to 1985      Secretary of the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF)

1985 to 2002      Under Secretary General of the International Taekwon-Do  Federation

2002 to 2007      Secretary General of the International Taekwon-Do Federation

2007 to 2015  Treasurer of the International Taekwon-Do Federation

2012 to 2016    President of ITF Scotland

2015 to 2019 Board Member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation

May 2015 Inducted into the ITF Hall of Fame for contribution in the development of International Taekwon-Do Federation.

April 2019 Honourable First Grand Master (Kwan Jang Nim)

National Team Results WC 2019

The Scottish National Team return triumphant from the 2019 World Championships in Inzell, Germany last week. With a haul of medals being brought back to Scotland and a brand new World Champion too!

After four hard fought days of competition, all 30 competitors gave it their all out on the mat, with a number reaching the quarter final stages, and many collecting medals too. A total of four Bronze medals, and one Gold were won, taking Scotland to 17th from 64 countries.

Medal Winners:


  • Katrina Carr (Senior Female Sparring -56kg)


  • Rico Campins (Junior Male Sparring -75kg)
  • Michael McRoberts (Senior Male 2nd Degree Pattern)
  • Junior Pre-Arranged Sparring (Jack Shaw & Owen Garden)
  • Junior Male Team Pattern (Jack Shaw, Ethan Boydell, Chulainn Doan, Owen Garden & Matthew Irvine)

Congratulations to all members of the team and coaches on their success.

National Team head to Worlds

The Scottish National Team have set off to the ITF World Championships today, all landing safely in Munich, before a short journey to Inzell. It looks to be a busy week from the off tomorrow with weigh-in 11:43hrs local time, and the event getting under way on Wednesday.

We’d like to wish everyone the very best of luck over the course of the week, and look forward to following the teams progress via our social media pages (internet dependent), as well as the livestreams.

Junior Female Team:

  • Jodie Boydell
  • Kayleigh Mankin
  • Brooke Muirhead
  • Jemma Swinburne
  • Lara Torrance
  • Hannah McIntyre
  • Elise Mullen
  • Iona Philip

Junior Male Team:

  • Rico Campins
  • Leon Carlaw
  • Blair Chisholm
  • Ian Ford
  • Declan McAvoy
  • Hayden McAvoy
  • Zacharia Obike
  • Chullain Doan
  • Owen Garden
  • Jack Shaw
  • Matthew Irvine
  • Robbie Sheppard
  • Connor Stuart

Senior Female Team:

  • Katrina Carr
  • Megan Brown
  • Catriona McRoberts

Senior Male Team:

  • Gilles Brown
  • Alexander Gray
  • Jack Lobban
  • Michael McRoberts
  • Iain O’Hare


  • Master Robin Blair
  • Master Heath Denholm
  • Master Mark Hutton
  • Mr. Mark Boydell
  • Mr. David Condie
  • Miss. Julia Cross
  • Mr. Michael Leask
  • Mr. John McIlvaney
  • Mr. Paul Mullen
  • Mr. John Munro
  • Mr. Christopher Sheppard
  • Mr. Jamie Swinburne


  • Master Gordon Wallace
  • Master David McNairn
  • Mrs. Jacqui Wallace
  • Mr. Ronnie Dewhurst
  • Helene Hewitt (IT Assistant)


  • Grand Master Thomas MacCallum
  • Mrs. MacCallum
  • Mr. Adam Paterson

Livestream links will be posted on the ITFS Facebook page. Keep an eye out for details.