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National Team Training News

11053273_10206973250108773_5424180327036963736_oDear Masters, Instructors and Students,

The information below will be circulated by email also to all ITF Scotland instructors. Finer details will be circulated as they are arise but the main itinerary is below.

Day: Every Sunday
Time: 10:00 till 14:30
Technical: (10 till 11:30 Patterns; 11:30 till 14:30 Sparring Training)
Venue: GMAC Centre, Craigswilllow, Livingston
Cost: £10
Att: All grades SNR 13 and over


Day: Every Saturday
Time: 11:00 till 15:30
Technical: (All sparring and conditioning training)
Venue: MWBA, 33 Sth Esplanade West, Aberdeen AB11 9AA
Cost: £10 SNRS; JNRS £5
Att: (11:00-12:15 JNRS all grades under 13, 12:30-15:30 SNRS ALL grades)


Day: Sunday where possible 1st session 2nd August
Time: 10:00 till 16:00 (tentative)
Technical: Patterns, Sparring plus identifying Power test and Spec Tech candidates
Timetable: Timings for each discipline will be confirmed two weeks before
Venue: Where possible, Inchgarth Community Centre, Perth. Will always be Perth
Cost: £10 (not part of block or regional concessions)
Att: All grades 13 yrs and above


1. Attending both sessions requires only one payment of £10
2. Two persons from the same family pay only for one person
3. Buy a block of 5 classes and get one class free.


Pattern Training: All Dobok
Sparring Training: Optional Dobok or official ST T-shirt
(North): Outdoor running shoes and appropriate clothing if raining


This is our home European Championships and we want to see everyone who will be eligible and has a wish or dream to represent their country. We the coaches want to speak to everyone who would like to do this and we ask that everyone not to dismiss their own abilities all to readily before we can see them and speak to them. If you have the heart and desire you will succeed as the rest is just technical instruction and practice so please give yourself a chance.


Yours sincerely

Master Gordon Wallace VIII
National Team Director 2015

Jul 03

Black Belt Grading – June 2015

11201118_10153425186138919_5378556529164702064_nOver the weekend of 12th – 14th June took place GMAC Martial Arts Summer Black Belt Grading, this was held in partnership with Forth Valley Taekwon-Do and Glasgow East.

The grading weekend began on Friday evening, with twelve candidates from across the three groups taking the theory exam for promotion to the next degree level.  The practical test was taken on Sunday, beginning at 10am under the examination panel of Grand Master T. MacCallum IX, Mr. John McIlvaney VI, Mr. Garry Shaw VI, Mrs. Jacqueline Timoney V and Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney IV, with Mrs. Kerris Dickson III facilitating the grading exam.

All candidates took to the floor in their respective grades to perform their nine patterns.  On completion of these, they then moved into the sparring part of the exam, completing multiple bouts of 1-step, pre-arranged, free sparring and 2vs1 sparring to various opponents.  Self Defence followed first with unarmed self defence, and then defence against a weapon, before each of the candidates completed their respective breaking techniques.  Of the 12 candidates presenting for the test, 10 were successful  and promoted to the next degree as follows;

Promoted to 1st Degree

Cerys Turner – GMAC Martial Arts

Lauren Watson – GMAC Martial Arts

Jay Jervis – GMAC Martial Arts

Stuart Adair – GMAC Martial Arts

Promoted to 3rd Degree

Martin Smillie – GMAC Martial Arts

Promoted to 4th Degree

Adam Paterson – Forth Valley TKD

Colin Lyon – Forth Valley TKD

Garry McGuire – Forth Valley TKD

Scott Morris – Glasgow East

John Munro – GMAC Martial Arts



Jul 01

2015 European Championships Campaign begins

BODCoachesSunday 28th June saw members of the ITF Scotland board and National Coaching Staff meet in Stirling to finalise the goals and objectives for the up coming campaign and set the training dates on the run to the European Championships in Scotland this October.

During the meeting the coaching staff for the 2015 European Championships were confirmed as ;
Team director – Master G. Wallace
Team manager – Mr. J. McIlvaney
Head coaches;
Pattern/Pre-Arranged – Mr. M. Boydell
Sparring – Mr. R. Blair
Assistant Coaches – Mr. D. McGhee & Mr. M. Leask

The training dates and selection details will be released this week via www.itfscotland.com, as well as the Facebook page and e-mail.

The next two training sessions confirmed as follows;

NORTH – Saturday 4th July (12.30pm – 3.30pm @ MWBA, Aberdeen)
SOUTH – Sunday 5th July (10.00am – 2.30pm @ GMAC Livingston Gym)

We look forward to a European championships on home soil in just over 4 months time.


Jun 30

Pattern Seminar with Master Wallace – 3rd & 4th July

11415288_10153493600676414_6988053512478587229_nFriday 3rd and Saturday 4th of July

Taekwon-Do Uk are proud to be hosting a seminar with Master Wallace 8th Degree Blackbelt. Master Wallace has just been elected to the ITF Umpire Committee and has been working hard in raising the technical standards of referee and students.

We are very proud to be training under such a technical mind

The seminar will be based around tul and will only cost £20 per head.

The venue will be Carluke dojang.




The program is as follows;

Friday 3rd July

6pm      5th & 6th Degree Patterns

Saturday 4th July 

9am – 10.30am 4th Degree Pattern

10.30 – 12pm 3rd Degree Pattern

12.30 – 2pm 2nd Degree Pattern

2pm – 3.30pm 1st Degree Pattern

Places are limited and first come first served basis will be adhered to. The venue may change depending on demand. Students are invited to stay after we have finalised their located time, and continue to train through the lower degree patterns.

Book now on 07825 333 432 to avoid disappointment

David Condie

Jun 02

WC 2015 – Day 6 & 7

11295703_10153442577921414_4078048507893952900_nSaturday 30th May


Individual Sparring

Matthew O’Hare. -56 first round by, second round v Russia defeated 1:3
Gregor Towers -56 first round v New Zealand win 4:0, second round v Slovenia win 4:0, third round v Ireland defeated 0:4
Ellie Trinder -65 first round v Norway win surrender, second round v England defeated 0:4
Christina McGhee first round v Romania defeated 0:4
Katrina Carr -50 first round v Ireland win 4:0. Stopped for lunch at 1300. Back to resume at 3.30. Second round v Argentina win 4:0, third round v England win 4:0, fourth round v Kyrgyzstan win 4:0, final v Poland defeated 0:4. SILVER MEDALLIST

Team Pattern coached by Mr Boydell

Katrina Carr, Ellie Trinder, Danielle Gallacher, Jodie Boydell, Alex Marshall, reserve Danielle Simmers first round by, second round v Germany defeated 1:4

Team Scotland have stepped on to the medal table.

Last competition day tomorrow with senior ladies team power and team sparring. Senior males team sparring. Junior girls team sparring and team power.


Sunday 31st May

Team day

Senior Men’s Sparring
Gilles Brown, Alexander Gray, Iain O’Hare, David Gray, Chris Dickson,  v Puerto Rico round 1 defeated

Senior Ladies Sparring
Stephanie Willis, Rachel Morning, Katie Humphries, Caitlin McGhee, Megan Brown, reserve Alice Wilson v Finland  round 1 defeated

Junior Girls Sparring
Katrina Carr, Ellie Trinder, Danielle Gallacher, Christina McGhee, Erin Blair, reserve Danielle Simmers v Norway round 1 defeated

Senior Ladies Power
Stephanie Willis, Rachel Morning, Caitlin McGhee -9th place overall

Junior Girls Power
Katrina Carr, Christina McGhee, Ellie Trinder, reserve Danielle Gallacher -6th place overall

The 2015 World Championships has drawn to a close. Thank you to our hosts Italy.

Medal Tally
1 Silver

The courage and determination of each and every Scottish competitor was abundant during this tournament and fantastic sportsmanship and extended friendship shown on the mats and off was outstanding.

The Scotland coaches worked tirelessly every week for months leading up to the competition and each long day whilst here in Jesolo, Italy. The Scotland Team would like to express their sincere gratitude to Mr. Blair, Mr. Mcilvaney, Mr. Boydell, Mr Condie and Mr. McGhee.  Also Master Hutton for his support and encouragement during the tournament.

Thank you must also go to Mrs. Fiona Carr, for writing the end of day updates for the website / Facebook audience supporting from home.

Time now for a short recuperation break before preperation begins for the Euros in October in Glasgow.

May 29

WC2015 – Day 5 Friday

itf-taekwondo-world-championship-2015-italyFriday is the third day of competition and scheduled as a half day, finishing at 1pm, as the ITF Congress begins at 3pm.

Only seniors today, the juniors have a rest day.  We have four competitors on today, one female; Katie in 1st Degree Pattern, and three of the men up in sparring.

1st Degree
Katie Humphries first round v USA win 5:0, second round v Germany defeated 1:1:3

David Gray -85 first round by, second round v Switzerland win 4:0, third round v Argentina defeated 0:2:2
Iain O’Hare -70 first round v Puerto Rico win after extra time 2:1:1, second round v Argentina defeated 1:3 after extra time
Gilles Brown -78 first round by, second round v Finland win 4:0, third round v Ukraine defeated 1:3

No medals as yet but no one can fault the courage and determination of the squad and the sportsmanship of Team Scotland is as always exemplary.

The afternoon many of the team choose to take a trip to Venice, with others staying at the hotel, resting up for tomorrows events, and running through a light training session

Another busy day for the coaches ahead tomorrow so early beds in preparation.

May 29

WC2015 – Day 4 Thursday

itf-taekwondo-world-championship-2015-italyThursday is a busy day for the coaches. The area is buzzing with both pattern and sparring bouts in both junior and senior sections.



Junior 1st Degree Patterns

Matthew O’Hare first round v Bulgaria win 5:0, second round v Canada 3:1:1, third round v Romania defeated 0:1:3
Michael McRoberts first round v Italy win 5:0, second round v New Zealand defeated 2:3.

Strong confident performances from all our junior girls in their first Scotland International Competitions at this level. Valuable experience gained and they said they enjoyed their time on the mats.
Jodie Boydell first round v Italy defeated 0:5.
Elle Trinder first round v Russia defeated 1:4.
Danielle Gallacher first round v Argentina wi. 3:2, second round v Norway defeated 1:4


Individual Sparring
Alexander Gray -62 first round v Germany win, second round v Poland defeated 2:1:1.



Second degree patterns
Katrina Carr first round v England defeated 2:3

Individual Power
Katrina Carr broke side kick and turning kick 9 points, stubborn board for knifehand. Placed 5th from 30.


Individual Sparring
Stephanie Willis -68 first round v Italy defeated 1:1:2
Rachel Morning -68 first round v Germany defeated 1:1:2
Caitlin McGhee -62 first round v USA win 4:0, second round v Hungary defeated 3:1 after added extra time.
Megan Brown -62 first round v Italy defeated 1:3

All done for today. Time to head back to hotel for dinner.

May 27

WC2015 – Day 1 to 3

Monday 25th May – Departure

The ITF Scotland National Team consisting of 5 coaches, 22 squad members, and numerous traveling support, departed from Edinburgh for the Italian Coastal City of Lido de Jesolo on the early morning flight at 6am.  The team arrived in Jesolo shortly after 2pm on Monday afternoon.  On settling into the rooms, the team had a quick meeting, with the coaches giving the itinerary for the day ahead; a quick bite to eat, re-hadrate and some light training in pre-dinner.  Shortly after arrival Mr. McIlvaney (Team Manager) along with coaches Mr. Blair, Mr. Boydell, Mr. Condie and Mr. McGhee headed off to the arena to complete the registration process with the organising committee, collecting the teams ID Cards.  The day ended with the evening team meeting.



Arrival in Jesolo


Tuesday 26th May – Registration/Weigh-in

First official day of the championships for Team Scotland, after a light breakfast, the team headed off to the championships arena to make use of the matted area available for training, this was also the venue for the team’s weigh-in due at 12:48.

After a 1 1/2 hours training, in very hot conditions the team made way to the weigh-in room, with all competitors making weight first time.  On completion of the process, we headed back to the hotel for lunch, and some downtime, before the afternoon patterns session.  Most of the team made use of the beach for some team volleyball, and had a cool down in the hotel pool afterwards.

5pm team patterns training, and individual for those competing in patterns on Wednesday and some light sparring work for those juniors competing in sparring also.

After dinner, the team, headed off to the opening ceremony at 9.30pm.  To end the day team meeting, with details of the draws, and preparation for the competition beginning tomorrow at 9am.



Wednesday 27th May – Morning First day of competition

The time has come, competition Day 1!

Very early start here in Italy this morning, with 7am breakfast and heading straight to the venue, to warm – up.

A run down of todays results from our teams reporter for the week; Mrs Carr :)

AM – Juniors Sparring
Michael McRoberts was up first thing in -62kg dominated a win in first round v Belgium , defeated in second round v Argentina.
Erin Blair -55kg defeated by Germany in first round. Gutsy performance for first international.

PM – Patterns

Senior 2nd Degree Patterns
Stephanie Willis first round v Poland defeated 2:3
Alice Wilson first round v Uruguay win 5:0, second round v Paraguay win 3:2, third round v  Ireland defeated 0:5
Alexander Gray through first round competitor from Chile not approved, defeated second round v Finland 0:5

1st Degree Patterns
David Gray first round v USA win 5:0, second round v Ethiopia win 5:0, third round v Poland defeated 0:5.

Senior Power

Rachel Morning – first up for Scotland-  boards were stubborn, no breaks.
Stephanie Willis , boards still stubborn, scored 6 points for turning kick.


To end the day, the team surprised Caitlin McGhee with a birthday cake and card to celebrate her 19th birthday.


You can find the pictures from the past few days on the ITF Scotland Facebook Page – WC2015 Gallery

May 19

Subscribe to ITF Scotland Website

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.12.34You can now subscribe to the ITF Scotland Website, and receive all news postings direct to your e-mail address.  Sign-up and be the first to receive news and information as they are posted on the site.

To sign up add your email address to the subscription box and hit “subscribe”.

May 19

Scotland Team – World Championships 2015

ITF Scotland wil be represented by 22 members from across Scotland at the forthcoming World Championships in Jesolo, Italy from 26th – 31st May 2015.

The national team have been training week-in-week-out over the last six months in preparation for the event beginning on Tuesday.  This year see’s many new competitors join the squad on their first international and world event, as well as a number of seasoned regulars.

Senior Female Team;  Stephanie Willis, Alice Wilson, Katie Humphries, Megan Brown, Rachel Morning & Caitlin McGhee

Senior Male Team;  Chris Dickson, Alexander Gray, Gilles Brown, Iain O’Hare & David Gray

Junior Female Team; Katrina Carr, Erin Blair, Dannielle Gallacher, Danielle Simmers, Jodie Boydell, Christina McGhee, Alex Marshall & Elle trinder

Junior Male Team; Michael McRoberts, Gregor Towers & Matthew O’Hare

Coaching Staff:  Robin Blair VI, John McIlvaney VI, Mark Boydell V, David Condie V, Daniel McGhee IV


Also in attendance will be ITF Scotland President Grand Master MacCallum.  Master Gordon Wallace who will be assisting the ITF Tournament Committee, and Mrs Wallace who shall be assisting with the ring councils during the event.


We would like to once again thank our National Team Sponsors Mightyfist UK for kitting the team out with their competition Doboks.

And Arnold Clark Motorstores for the sponsorship of the 2015 team wear.

image2IMG_7990 image1 image3

A daily report will be posted on the progress of the team over the duration of the event.  Check back regularly for updates from Italy.

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